duminică, 14 iulie 2013

All those questions

It's been way too long so here's the post (really straight-forward,right? :D )

There's some things in life,
Thing I'm sure none of us can't get past.
It's those things that haunt you in the night,
When falling asleep,it's the thing you think of last.

Still,what happens when it all becomes real?
What was once unforgiven,torn asunder,
Banished and stroke by thunder,
What has happened since,how did all that "heal"?

I remember it,as if yesterday,
As this memory has haunted me for so long.
I remember it all,I remember "the fray",
I remember the cold outside at first,I can ever recall any song.

There was so much hope,so much warmth even in the cold,
As if it weren't winter back then.
There was so much peace and struggle waiting to be sold,
And in the end,there was nothing,even when...


Countless nights had passed and hopes shattered all around,
As nothing ever seemed to work,and thus all fell apart.
Heed my advice,when you're telling youself it's so bad,for I know that sound,
I know the entire symphony,as I've sang it as the memories had start.

Some minds feed on all around,counting every gesture,
And whilest mine is no different,I find myslef starving.
There's this answer that I seek to find,to put an end to this craving mind,
And never was this hunger dominant,until the day I saw the "Yes".

Nickelback- Lullaby


I really hope you're reading this,
And remember what the PS always stood for.
[With this in mind,please proceed:]

I remember that I was last to speak,and because some time has passed since...


Read all of this over and over from the last day onward.
I'm sure that you'll find the (a) connection.
It is because of "Yes" that I wrote this.