duminică, 27 noiembrie 2011

Love letter from a nerd!

Ok...so I know it's been a while (alright,it's been ages,you don't have to stick it in my face over and over again) since I last posted and I know I promised I'll be finishing "Erather's Curse" soon,but I've just been busy.

And actually,I was thinking of showing you all with what I've been busy...

Sooo...ready or not,here comes a "Love letter from a nerd!"

It all started some time ago,
When it was,we both know,
And from all that has passed,
I don't really know what to put last. :P

It started with you being lovely,
And a scarf floating troubly (yeah i just made that one up:P),
It started with a laughter and a smile,
So it started,and it's still here for a while.

Weeks came and went,and we both were smoking Kent,
But more important...you made me calm when you stood quiet.
Words where never a problem as we could hear each other with our looks,
And we were happy watching games,maybe even chatting about books.

As autumn came,your need for smoking left,
And our time was being charged of theft,
As there was never a moment when both wished for the other,
And the other faithfully appeared,filled with love as if a mother.

I now give to you this small letter,
In the hope that things will keep getting better,
In the hope that you'll be always there,
Cause I'll always come,if you'll always tell me where.

You've given me so much after all this time,
Most importantly,you took your faith and made it mine,
And this is why I love you to the very bone,
Praying that we'll be sleeping soon...at home.


There's nothing that I could ask of you (that I haven't asked already:P),nor do I wish more from you.You've given me your very best,and for that I am grateful.
Now,because I'm a nerd,I'm gonna make a small list of what really made me fall for you (and what's been keeping me falling ever since):
1.You always laugh and smile at my jokes.
2.You always comprehend my jokes. (10 points:)) )
3.You can solve the following equation:
= 11.11.11 (And that's like amazing @-) )

4.You're TERA(byte) smart b-)
5.You're extremely beautifully.
6.You never tire listening to my babel.
7.The love and warmth you offer me every time your eyes linger upon me.
912535734723124647687696200001.The way your eyes somehow have a wandering light whenever they stare into mine.

For all of these reasons (and many more) I dedicate this post as a THANK YOU and a reminder (to me:P),so I will never forget all those 912535734723124647687696200001 reasons why you deserve my everything.

I adore the air that you breathe,
I love your smile and your teeth,
I'll always try to make things better,
I'll be there,no matter the weather.

Cinema(Skrillex Remix)


Happy anniversary sweetheart!:*:*