duminică, 25 aprilie 2010



I failed!


vineri, 23 aprilie 2010

Backside of me

How it comes today and leaves yesterday,
With a look and pace,
It is thus that time spins and swirls,
It toys with you and me,while there's nothing to see.

After a brief moment of tension,
The univers explodes and beggins its endless collisions.
This is the way time is met and now fortold,
Once a miracle,now,a horse that is always sold.

Questions come at hand as control reveals only weakness,
Bodies twitch and dissolve,bleeding soap on the water.
Nothing proud about these former beings,
Just dust and a cloud,better i'd turn my headphones loud.

I am brilliant while others are dumb,
I am a miracle where others prove clumbsy,
I am both the brick and the wall,
I am you and i am me,yet never am i small!

marți, 20 aprilie 2010

Living pulse

My body tickles as feet relax,
Limbs scream with delight as they finally face light,
Yet there's not a day or night,
When one lingers to hold another tight.

As storms could sink the mightiest of ships,
Ending it's journey,covering the deeps,
So i wish to start on a quest to dissolve,
To induce and awake,that which lives on deep.

Yet what force must i master,
While in doubt,i am threatened by disaster?
If a story is true,
Then why not make it once more new?

There was something once that shook my ground,
Something that turned me from my path,
And drew on my lips a new map.
Something was once,yet i never saw the end of it!

Would you live life with me?
Could you burst with lust at my very sight?
Was there ever a want powered by trust?
All of these i felt and nursed,
So now,i don't dare on ever saying never.

vineri, 16 aprilie 2010

Whenever a brick falls from a building
A new one takes its place,always ready to sing,
Today, tomorrow,always another,
Cause they can't seem to sit,they actually bother.


To what is new,
It's just another clue,
To what one must do,
To pull it right,to make it through.

Clearly one must bother,
Waiting for the answer of another,
Seeking to find,
On a long forgotten quest,
It's destiny,the treasure chest,
A new era,to pass the final test.