luni, 21 octombrie 2013

A lesson about life

For today's post I've decided to talk about an interesting idea through a head to head comparison to what hard-core gaming still means in the industry nowadays.Hope this will be fun to read and not that boring to some :P

A lesson about life

Life...Life has a strange way of putting obstacles in anyone's path from time to time.As if a personal test in order for us to regain our humanity or maybe to toughen us up or even to teach us a lesson...No matter the reason,obstacles appear in different shapes and forms.Some are easy to overcome whilst most are seemingly impossible at first.This reminds me of a game called Dark Souls.This game puts you through next to impossible situations from time to time,where the odds are never in your favor and forces the player,you,to overcome them.

What's more interesting is that the game let's you know this from the beginning as can be seen from the picture below (it's from the Debut Trailer):

And so,what can we learn from all of this,one might wonder?
The answer alone is pretty simple.


We struggle,we endure,we wipe our faces from the mud from which we just fell,we take a deep breath,and we fight.

In same way we want to finish the game,we fight because we want a certain thing (a raise,to prove a point,to succeed in something).And even though the situation starts out like this at first:

I urge you all to fight and not quit because believe me when I say this...In the same way that any boss from the game can be beaten,then so can anyone overcome any obstacle if so they desire.


    KOAN Sound & Asa - This Time Around (feat. Koo)


Keep you faith always alive,
For as the heretic shrives,
So does any passion thrive,
Like a beautiful concert,singing live!

miercuri, 16 octombrie 2013

Trialed Part 2: Fate's final hour

Arrogance is a virtue and intelligence is a perk...too few have!

Fate's final hour

[In the same chamber where once five had stood,
Now two old friends meet again,
One humble, wearing a hood,
And the other,arch-angel Gabriel.]


Dear brother,I bring news from my journey,
And pray that my words won't seem ferny.

[The High-Lord gazed upon his once beloved one,
And then spoke with the voice of the father saddened by his own son]


You may spare one of your points old friend,
For Erather has been already trialed.
I found it just to banish him to find his mortal end,
To strive for survival,alone,without any friend.

Thus I am eager to hear the second thought with which you came,
Moreover,I would like to know how did you cover your shame?


That which you have requested has been done,
And as once I had left,so I returned,
No more an angel as before,
But a pastor still.

I took thy words in my heart, and I managed to find,
"Passion's cruel counter-part" easily behind.
I've wrecked the two stones together,
And kept one for myself.


Was my punishment just?


I don't know your lordship.
I no longer have to right to decide,
Yet I pray that I have atoned for my sins,
If not now,at least in thousand years.


My dearest of friends,
Never let those words leave your mouth again.

Indeed you wronged humanity selfishly,
Yet what you had to do was to do right to both yourself and them as well.
You are now entitled to return to your former place,
And rule once more,pure as the fresh of winter's snow.

[The two sat silently,
One near the other.


Alas,when the silence broke,
It was clear to both that another choice had been made,
And the news the purest of angels wore,
Was anything but over]


I remember everything that has passed during my departure,
I remember your words as well as Erather's.
Do not judge me now as a traitor,
But your judgement was wrong and his was right?


Really now?
How so?


You see,beloved of the Father,
I am no longer as pure as snow,
And there is nothing for me to show.
I have wronged both father and daughter.

I accept the deeds that I have done,
And as hate once spilled throughout my body,
I cannot see victory,I cannot see how I have won.
I am nothing but a writing that is almost entirely bawdy.


You cannot believe such things Arkanis.


It's been a while since anyone has ever called me so.
I've been known more like a pastor the past couple of days,
Searching and thinking of different methods and ways,
In which I could save myself,or at least grant others,their dying wish.

I pray you'll one day understand my choice,
And for all this,never should you gaze upon me the same,
As I am no longer the one you just called by it's name,
But a being stripped of heart and angelic voice.

[Slowly,the hooded angel turned around,
And right before his knees could hit the ground,
Gabriel panicked immediately and shouted]


My son...

What in heaven's name are you doing?

[Arkanis turned his head around,
Revealed his head from under the hood,
And a look appeared that asked for forgiveness.

His eyes then shut,
His head no longer towards Gabriel,
Facing the ground,
He let his feet pound.]


"Righteous and pure as snow and water alike,
I am Arkanis,the angel of love who shall be seen as a tike,
As I refuse the entitlement given to us by God,
And give back my wings as I am flawed.

[The Highest of All rushed towards the other]



[The boy continued as if he were deaf to the words shouted in the massive hall]


From this day onward shall I live a mortal life!
Never shall I look back,unless with strife!
Let it be known in heaven and earth alike,
That I am no longer but a human dike.

[Before Gabriel could spit another word,
Arkanis's wings fell,crushing to the floor.

As the High-One grasped the boy's angelic clothes,
They instantly froze and splattered,
And in only an instant,
Thus the boy had vanished!]


What have you done,young one?


And God said "No more!"

Skope-Trench Foot


As angels wage their wars through the tides of battle,
So can mortal fight alike,even more maybe for their beliefs.
As loyalty has fled and abandoned at the end of day,
Hope lies buried deep,waiting to cleanse any wild land.

luni, 7 octombrie 2013

Trialed Part 1: Judgement Day

I've re-read something recently and it was quite a tale and learning experience.It's funny how mythology still has a way to teach even after so many years.

Thus,I leave you all with some wise words, as Ariadne told Theseus before he entered the Minotaur's labyrinth: "Always forward...never left or right."


[ In the massive white hall,
As it was custom for any angel being trialed,
Chained by hands and wings at the end of the south wall,
There stood the accused angel,silent and still.

At the opposite three angels hovered in front,
Guarding the high Arch-angel Gabriel,the judge.
The last had a scroll he was reading,written in angel font,
 And as he read,the accused's heart was filled with grudge]


Righteous angel that guards the Earth,
Do you know why you are here and what accusations I bring forth?


Yes fellow son of the Lord,
I am well aware of the usage of my sword.


Very well then and listen close brothers,
What can you then tell me of the deed committed to the two daughters?

[ The accused's face grew weary and pale,
For all he felt was sadness,and it was stale.]


I believe I am guilty of another charge your lordship,
For I have beseech two and let neither follow.
Thus I admit to being guilty of bringing joy and then committed sorrow,
I believed myself a pastor and treated others as if sheep.

[The high arch-angel nodded with a sigh]


It sadness me brother to find that you were aware,
And to bring just judgement I ask you,what would you find fair?

[As the words left the high-one's lips,
Arkanis gathered up what seemed like a sad smile]


Dear brothers,
Although it may seem like blasphemy what you are about to hear,
Know that I have tread likely upon these following words,
And if I could be granted a final wish,
I'd ask nothing more and nothing less,
Then to be stripped of my immortal bounds,
And further ask that I'd be forgiven right before my execution.

[A silent murmur traveled the white room upon the angels.
After a few moments of silence the high one spoke his thougts]


No Arkanis,I deny you the integrity of your wish.
The deeds you have committed are too evil so that we'd honor you with death.
Yet still,you shall be stripped of all that has been given upon thee be the Lord,
And will be brought to proper justice.

[Arkanis's heart stopped for a moment]


An...An....And what might that be your lordship?
What more could I do to prove my regret?


By the wisdom gained throughout aeons of trial and judgement,
I hereby oblige you to return as the pastor that you once believed to be,
And with those sheep that you have spoken of,
You are to choose from the two,and lead a mortal life.

[The room fell silent,
The three angels keeping guard,slowly floating in the air,
Turned quickly to Gabriel and stood in a stupefied stare.
Then,one of them spoke.]


High Arch-angel Gabriel,purest of saints,
What is it that you speak of?
Why would you offer such petty as punishment,
Where is the justice in all this.

[Right before the purest of all could respond,
It was the accused that first understood the words that were about to come]


Fear not Erather,for Arkanis is second in purity here in heaven.
Tread wisely and understand what this means for him.

[Gabriel then turned his head from Erather and gazed upon Arkanis,
As the last let tears come from his eyes flow and be absorbed by the floor]


You must understand that there is no better punishment for our brother here,
Than to make him choose and see the other side of his decission haunt him for eternity.
He alone has brought this upon himself,
And it is he alone that will have to live in a haunting descent.

By judging him I have sent him to eternal torment,
And thus we shall give an example of our own upon humanity itself.
They shall thus learn of what it means to stray from one's road,
Instead of going forward...never left nor right.