luni, 15 noiembrie 2010

The pain that was once yours...

Yeah...pretty sad isn't it?:P(wrote this just to keep mark from spitting fire at all my sad writings...message:"SO WHAT IF THEIR SAD!!!!SCREW YOU,YOU PERVE=)))))) " ).

Back to more normal things now,shall we...:

Yes and yes again,
In a fool's paradise have I been wandering,
Century by century,
A plague on both her houses...

My beauty,my lovely beauty...
Age could not wither her,nor flourish her more,
And by the gods,do i not grow tiresome of this lousy guilt,
For what is a guilt without a sinner,and a sinner without its sin?

As pure as the driven snow,
Yet no...a bit too much for my understanding.
And even as good luck would have it,
It seems my fortune was misplaced.

For I must have cherished something else,
If not thy spirit and thy lips,
If not for a single second in the universe,
Would I give all away for just a moment.

Alas,I wish to satisfy my hounds,
As bound I lay to give the Devil my due,
Yet know that it all,from the begging,
Was meant to bring thy joy,and never sorrow,or such alike.

I have not slept one wink,waiting for her so ever bright star,
And if music be the food of love,then her music could indulge even angels,
In the twinkling of an eye one could tell of her tremendous heart,
And all the secrets and burdens it holds forever locked.

My once goddess,the milk of human kindness,
How I am pound of flesh for my betrayal,
How I wish to be at ease and live once more in peace,
Hear me...or do you wish that i shuffle off this mortal coil?

Bury me if that might loosen thy strain,
Drown me in all those tears that you once gave birth.
Or,worst still,promise to never forgive,
And let my ghost,make forever steps throughout the realm.

Once again,I just have to say,
That there is never night nor day,
When I wish to have swallowed my words,
And gave sense to our reality.

The fray-You found me
(The first song I heard from her...and I still miss...)

miercuri, 3 noiembrie 2010

How about now?

(terribly sorry,but i just can't help it...)

So much time has passed since the funeral...
I can still smell the flowers from her hair,that dangling perfume,and it is still that smile I regret loosing.Will the guilt ever end?I hope not,so at least I could still be left with my memories(cruel nevertheless yet still,memories).Why and why again,I wonder while awake at night,did it all turn out so bad,so harsh.I turn my head around for a second,and then i cover my face with a pillow.I know why...and still it is still me,who poses this question.

If I were to judge now,from the all the memories that I poses,what was the utmost "failed" person that I have ever met,then I would stand forward with dignity,for I know my wrongs and rights,and by balancing them,I can tell that my existence has caused so much hurt and pain,that no lover could ever forgive...It is in this matter I wish to present my newest creation,with dignity and shame alike:

I know what I did and ask that you believe,
That never have I destroyed,and in thoughts deceived,
As I did to you.

It is here,the resting place,of that that once was
And of what still remains,
The glass being filled with regrets.

Yet a regret is nothing without pain,
And as you have felt pain throughout those times,
My pain was bound to be forever since.

I hope I will have the chance to meet you one day,
And that you will grant me a moment to bow,
So that in that moment,I can finally release my curse,
And maybe see that smile I dream of every night.

marți, 2 noiembrie 2010

Will the wheel actually turn???!!!

It's about time I wrote something(preferably in to MarK:P).So here it goes:

On the floor with a bottle and a necklace,
It is in these coffins that I chose redemption,
That I withdrew,in the hope of rebirth,
In the hope...yet again.

Still,as hope is simply but a coin,
Tossed in the air,destined to choose a side,
So was my conviction,
No more,but a side.

It is now,the moment I wish to reveal,
To discover and displace,
To be bound to time and space,
To let the wounds so deep,finally a the chance to heal.

You might wonder whether it was faith,
Or maybe if it were luck,
That I choose today to be the day,
That i banished my ghosts,and chose to stay.

A memory in the dark,
Worthless if it holds no mark,
As from the dark we came,
And to the dark we shall return.

Mazzy Star-Fade into you

marți, 21 septembrie 2010

Mentalul si prima categorie

Once again I apologize to all the English viewers but once again I'm going to write in romanian(told ya to learn the language:P).
Acesta este un studiu de caz personal asupra caruia imi asum din punct de vedere legal drepturi de autor complete(exceptii fiind citatele notate cu "[text]" si poza principala).

Cat de departe poate merge mintea umana?

Diverse ipoteze,precum si cea personala,sustin ca ea,mintea,este limitata de ciclul viata-moarte(ne nastem pentru a muri) si de catre capacitatea individuala de a stoca informatii.
Daca ar trebui sa privim volumul total de informatii ca o reprezentare fizica,atunci,consider ca analogia perfecta ar fi reprezentarea unei biblioteci cu inaltimea unui bloc turn,intesata cu sertare de dimensiuni diferite (pornind in mod descrescator din punct de vedere a marimii,de jos in sus).
Astfel,informatiile pot fi categorisite in diviziunile: mari,medii,mici; si subdiviziunile :Grele sau Usoare.

*A se nota ca dulapul este format la randul sau din:constient(sertare mici si medii) si subconstient(mari si/sau medii).
**Din afirmatia stiintifica "Omul se foloseste de doar 10% din capacitatea totala a creierului" rezulta cu usurinta ca partea meantala constienta a omului standard este de 10% pe cand restul de 90% este guvernata de subconstient.

Din perspectiva personala consider afirmatia de mai sus ca fiind incompleta,deoarece referirile statistice sunt prevazute pentru omul de rand,standard.
Fara a implica discriminarea,sunt de parere ca realitatea din momentul actual a creat o departajare in ceea ce priveste intelectul si capacitatile mentale individuale si anume (descrescator,pornind de la cei mai potenti):

I. Cei bogati din punct de vedere mental (deci si psihic) care abunda in ceea ce priveste logica,personalitate,imaginatie si posedand o usurinta iesita din comun de a procesa si a intelege informatiile relative a lucrurilor/ideilor de ordin atat fizice cat si meatafizice.
Statistica expusa in nota 2 poate fi considerata ca fiind gresita in momentul in care se face referire la astfel de indivizi.CUM CEEA CE ESTE GRESIT TREBUIE MODIFICAT/IMBUNATATIT ,la fel trebuie procedat si cu statistica respectiva,atribuind astfel categoriilor diverse de indivizi noi variante cu modificari/imbunatatiri.
Astfel,pentru categoria precizata mai sus,consider ca realitatea s-ar putea prezenta sub forma 30-50% Constient,70-50% Subconstient (cu exceptiile pe o mansa de eroare de + sau - 5%).

luni, 20 septembrie 2010

Fly,fly little birdy,fly...

Watch them come and go as they fly,
Never landing,only leaving,perhaps passing by.
A tornado of souls deeply uttered from within,
Striving,diving,continuously flying.

What a pity is not for those who leave to never think about
The way their lives changed over the years,
Of the so many pleasures and tastes,all of their dears,
While now,they plan on living without!

My intentions were pure,
And of that,I'm once again sure.

Bout it(instrumental)

miercuri, 8 septembrie 2010

An endless stream of thoughts

So,as days pass on and on and on and on,I study and think of my revelation(of which I promised you all to share). simple words (and just read before calling me crazy!!!) it goes like this:"After a really strange experience I had almost a week ago,and after long,strange and painful discussions with Byakuya/Vic/Claustrofob (AWKWARD [for those of you that don't know him,I don't even want to imagine how this sounds:P] NAME) the two of us arrived at the same conclusion.The conclusion is that somehow,during "my" weird experience,I managed to connect my unconscious with the conscious,thus leading to a more "expensive" knowledge.
Yes,I know,it sounds as if a nut man's words,but I am the living proof.My senses are more precise,my mind can make order through the titanic wave of thoughts and furthermore I am now able to understand,to digest and then calculate the probability of an event that is bound to happen in the future (almost 20 seconds to be exact).
Now...every single word I use has it's own goal in an enormous master plan that I am unable to see.I am able to govern a discussion by simply guiding my receptor to the path I wish,or,in other cases,avoid certain subjects at my will.
I am unable to reproduce what I "see",what I now understand,but,if given time,I will come up with the "right" words.
Until then (and without any further ado ) I give you today's thought (from now on,when I'm not writing poems,there shall be thoughts) :

How complicated is the existence of the people that name themselves human,I can not tell,
For humanity is presumed to be based on logic,creativity,feelings and emotions.
Yet I wonder how many have actually felt something in their lives.
Take pain for instance...a logic and common element amongst people of all ages.
I wonder,how many have truly felt and understood their own pain.
The reflection of pain on the mind is that it is something wrong,something that is supposed to...hurt.
Through my filter of vision and thinking I see pain differently,
As both physic an emotional pain are nothing but a piece of information,
Gather either by our body's nerves or our real life situations.
Its meaning is not to hurt but burn,and ass odd as it may seems,this is what it actually does.
It enters our mind,our brain,and burns our health or mood.
If people would simply accept pain,with no struggle (once again,both physical and emotional pain)
If they would accept instead of repelling it,then that difference would mean the world.
I find it wise not to explain the effects of accepting pain,as I consider it part of humanities tests,
Yet I evoke a question:
How can people call themselves human when they are unable to accept and/or respond to their feelings/sensations?

[Enjoy understanding this :P]

A burden now,
An ally later,
A shadow once,
People as fragments based on the same shape...

Dub FX-Made
"Peace on Earth is evolution for mankind!"

luni, 6 septembrie 2010

In need of thinking

So,i'm going to let the poetry down for a minute and just share some of the thoughts...
Well firstly I can't wait for my FRESHMEN YEAR...(drowling in the background).Secondly,I've had this weird revelation a couple of days ago,which i plan on explaining latter(when hopefully i would have found a reasonable explination:( ).
Until then,cheers and enjoy:

I finally believe in the miracles of this world,
As both thorn and thistle,images alike,
With no boundaries whatsoever,the thoughts collide,
But now,the thoughts are here,in the night,
All so clear....

Is it not the way we percept that makes us react?
If that is so,how can we react when perception itself is only but a variable?
Who are we to tell,to discover,to reveal the truth?
Our enemy is the illusion of belief.


Blinded are those who seek,
For only the mind can choose!


Rusko feat. Amber Coffman - "Hold On"

duminică, 29 august 2010

Vama Veche-Day 2

If every single day held,
So much pleasure and insanity,
All combined in a single place,
Squashed and chewed...yet lovely.

Just a moment,
Just a second,
Just a glance,
And every thing would turn to peace.

Emotions smile and wave,
The simple things we just can't let go,
Like Kirsten dancing on the wooden table,
Or james checking out every girl...

I simply smile and dance along,
As the day only gets better.

It's really 4:18 in the morning and I'm still not drunk:P

joi, 5 august 2010

Lightning strike

Even when we are tossed away,

As after struck by lightning,lies only pain,

We never cease to wonder,wonder in vain,

How can lightning fall without a drop of rain.

Soon after,the sky cries with water in its wound,

Flooding yet cleansing,with clouds eager to show.

This view,only but a coin in nature's purse,

As we are all,nothing but spares in a greater plan.

The rain stops and the clouds retreat,

Thus I abbandon my shelter,standing on bare feet.

It's quiet,but the view is deceiving,

As with a thunderclap,I...

See my final light.

marți, 27 iulie 2010

So what!

You all think of your lives as being complicated.Untrue!Life,as it is to you,is nothing but miscalculated.Errors that might seem hard to solve,making the entire ecuation complex,but if you draw the line,the truth is revealed...LIFE IS SIMPLE!
We waste it instead of treasuring it,as if wipping our asses off with all it has to offer.Must make quite an itch!:))
Anyhow,let this be a warning to all:
"Stop complaining and start doing and be responsible for the decisions you make(whether right or wrong) and learn to live with them.Complicated are unexpected diseases/deaths not the fact that you screwed up hell knows where..."

Hate and cry,
Do everything as if in the next second you're bound to die.;)

Placebo-Running up that hill

luni, 19 iulie 2010


-De ce pleci?intreba cu lacrimi in glas acum fetita mereu zambitoare.
O silueta se ridica atunci de pe patura pe care statea fetita.
-Nu fi copila,depaseste-ti conditia si priveste totul global iar nu local!
Oftand,simtind cum greul urmeaza sa vina,silueta de barbat facu un gest mic dar sigur,retragandu-se cu un pas in spate.
-Cand ma tineai in brate,si mima cu un gest delicat cu o voce subtire catre bratele sale slabe,altele iti erau gandurile.Acum,ma faci copila?
Oftand,baiatul se retrase cu inca un pas si continua,parca neintrerupt dintr-un discurs premeditat:
-Are sens sa-ti explic.Ar schimba ceva?
Fata dadu semne ca ar vrea sa-l intrerupa,dar mana lui ridicata,impunea liniste:
-O mie de lucruri se intampla zilnic fara ca cineva sa le observe...Oameni mor in fiecare secunda pe cand altii se nasc in acelasi timp completandu-se si deci formand un ciclu.Intelegi ce vreau sa spun?
Cu o expresie de indignare amestecata cu o ura pe care numai o minte strict feminina ar putea sa o intealeaga,fetita se ridica,teapana precum un munte si ajungand la nici o respiratie departare de el il apostrofa:
-Este o scuza jalnica si un apropo si mai jalnic.Imi spui de ciclu si schimbare dar te-ai gandit ca poate nu vreau sa trec peste tine...Poate ca tu in sinea ta poti dar pentru mine realitatea este alta.
Facu o pauza si lasa capul in jos,privindu-si picioarele de sub rochia de vara galbena pe care o purta.Incet,trase o gura de aer in piept si isi ridica fata,fixandu-i ochii si oblingandu-i printr-o forta inexplicabila sa isi mentina contactul:
-In realitatea mea eu nu vorbesc acum cu un strain care moare in fiecare secunda si nici nu astept pe un altul care sa se nasca din cine stie ce ALTA SECUNDA.Vorbesc in schimb cu omul pe care il iubesc,alaturi de care ma tot trezesc in fiecare dimineata din ultimii trei ani.Ti-am oferit totul iar acum...iti cer doar sa ramai.Oare e chiar atat de greu?
Furios,baiatul o indeparta de langa el si se intoarse cu spatele.Ca si cum privelistea ei nu reprezenta decat o pata de cerneala pe o camasa noua,doar o mazgalitura intr-un inceput de caiet nou.
-Ma vrei?
-Ce fel de intrebare e asta?
-Raspunde-mi te rog fara intrebari sau ezitari.Ma vrei?
-Ma iubesti?
-Cum oamenii se nasc si mor,acelasi drum este impartasit si de sentimentele umane.Unele se nasc iar altele mor.Amintirile trec pe cand urmele raman,iar ceasul nostru,draga,suna a amintire.
Se lasa liniste.Dupa ceva timp fata ingenunche si isi prinse rochia intr-o imbratisara patisama.
-Ai simte din glas.Dar te iert.Te iert acum si te voi ierta in fiecare zi in care tu nu vei fi aici,iar ura mea va fi trecatoare iti promit.
-Atunci uraste-ma tare si iubeste-ma putin,pentru ca ura sa treaca iar dragostea sa ramana.

Ma trezesc in fiecare zi si imi vad soarele in chip minunat,
Ce zavorat sta ascuns,in pietre,de-a pururea turnat,
Caci firele ce se intind si ne inconjoara,marunt,
De ei au fost spulberate,in rafale de vant.


The Fray - How To Save A Life

Pentru tine si pentru ziua in care am incepe sa nu ne mai vedem.

sâmbătă, 5 iunie 2010

Done and enough

Block my life and stop the watch,
Hold thy ground and keep shut,
Continuasly breathing ,in front lies sand,
Desires and dislikes,all in the same hand.

Not a presence not a bone,
Not a bird,not even a song.
At least one would be enough,
Yet it seems so hard to breath,so tough.

Done I lay and to one shall I never obey,
As a last gift,I am done in what I had to say,
Let beautiful gardens be surrounded by thunder,
As if a circle of rain banished by fire and plundered.

Shall things change through the passage of time
As nature claims it's right to the rebirth line?
Maybe or maybe not,who am I to judge,
The bullet that strikes,the one i chose to dodge?

I am what you all will be!
Done and finally complete in thoughts,
I have chosen from the many and the lots,
It has been done,at last.

Without I am nothing at all,
Yet I'd prefer to be that nothing something,
Then a mortal burnt in trust,
With feelings empty,except lust.

(I'll never replace the ones I first made!
Utterly direct,insert,face and remake,
Destroy,fake and embrace,
Collide,join,evil shall you face!)

36 crazyfists-destroy the map

miercuri, 2 iunie 2010

Glowing moon

Yes,i know that it is you!
It is you,your shape,with words untrue,
That breeths as if a night held in slumber,
Sitting,hoping,waiting for its number!

Along with a torch while in the sun,
No need for fire as all shall be done,
You lack faith as I lack courage,
You lie empty as I with too much storage.

We all come and die the same,
And it's all fine while nothing was in vain.

Sleep now child and let dreams go wild,
Rest and be assured,that your thoughts,shall soon be pured!

marți, 1 iunie 2010

Blind eyes

How terrible it is to wait and see,
To fly around the hive just as if a bee.
How horrible it is to wait,
When even as a fish,you feel like bait.

Unable to penetrate the mind,
Smiling yet somehow unkind,
So close yet impossible to find,
Eyes open...they seem blind.

Uncovered,unprotected and haunted,
By a beast that somehow seems soulbounded,
A treasure of the sun,
So far,blinded...will it ever come?

vineri, 28 mai 2010

In silence I lay!

Guilt,remorse and maybe even hidden pain,
Feelings that curse and twist our minds alike,
Hidden,burried,kept inside,
What's there to show when there's so much to hide?

Whisper with the wind,
Fly beneath the trees,
Seek the river of life,
Awaken,and reveal your desire!

marți, 25 mai 2010


Born on fresh ground,life is nothing but the same,
Just like a bundle of flowers,all without a name.
I was the one that gave birth to a feeling,
And still does that feeling hurt so close to believing.

If not for a god then at least for a mortal,
Would a goddess choose to shut the portal?
Would she unlock chains and let go of her charms,
Would it all be possible,for a mortal?

It is not our duty to rebuild what was once destroyed,
As it was our wish to destroy in the first place.
One most bother for another,
Yet shouldn't that other somehow bother too?

Majorat dragos!! PARTY PEOPLE!!

A poem to a friend

It is tonight that your stars shall unite,

And thus,tonight,shall they morph into a man.

It is your destiny to sing,to feel,to share,

All that you have ever felt,as of all you took good care.

Remember your ways and never give up your soul,

Because in love we are to it,and that is trully what makes you whole.

Never lose faith for you are right,

Never give up to what you wish to fight,

We stand by you with all our might.

Let this poem be yours my friend,

As with it comes the message we all wish to send,

Our wishes of good luck and health to you,

It is to this pianist I clap and wish luck to all that shall be new!

Happy Birthday,

Alexandru Birzanu

Parte din invitati(gen "La fumatori"):P

Si-a murit Dumitru...


sâmbătă, 15 mai 2010

Lonely sunset

Just watching the sky fall and I still think of you,
So now show me the lie I pray to,
As the time is now,up in front,
And i love every second in your shelter.

Stop teasing and start the fire,
Fall in arms and I'll proove it,
Even if my last words,
At least they'd reach towards my belief.

It's the final countdown of feelings,
So don't leave a love go away.
It doesn't matter what was then as long as you stay,
I know the begging and we both love the end.

Do what you please but never love me less,
And I'll never let you cry in tears.
Lend a hand so I can share a bed,
I don'w wanna sleep where it's cold anymore.

"It tares me up,
I try to hold on but it hurts too much,
I try to forgive but it's not enough,
To make it all ok.

You can't play on broken strings,
You can't feel anything
That your heart don't want to feel,
I can't tell you something that ain't real."

marți, 11 mai 2010

An hour and a half

It all started slowly,
It began at eight,
We were in bed,
Yet time was growing late.

She turned on a side,
Her face wanting to hide,
And as lazy as she could,
Came closer to his body.

With one beneath and another above,
His hands were holding her chest tight,
Barely breathing,dizzy now,
He felt her skin,she felt his warmth.


At nine,bodies caught fire,
The two now strangling each other,
Fists heltd in one another,
They did not move,refusing to bother.

It all came to an end at nine and a half,
When once on fire,their thoughts now covered in sorrow.
They had to part,she had to leave,
They wished to stay,yet he closed shut the day!

marți, 4 mai 2010

Erather's Curse

[Separated by a wall of flame,yet joined by a force,
Erather felt the stream of life abandoning his ghost.
As the dragon flew higher with a victim in it's claws,
The mage's scream shook the ground apart:]

Fly back this instant and return what is rightfuly mine,
Or thau shall pay in blood,for thy sins,with haste!
After so much time and preparation,
I shall not allow you to put an end to our dreams.

[With eyes burning like fire,arms tight,covered with desire,
The mage swirled a spear of ice towards the flying beast,
Yet succeeded in receiving a shout of laughter from above:]

Worthless maggot!
You dare strike upon the gods that rule over the sky?
You wish to anger those imbued with power by nature itself?
Your beloved is now mine,and her meat i shall time.

[Upon these words,Erather fell,
Fists pounding lightning on the ground.
A cry of despair,
A tear...and then he swore:]

Robbed I lay of my beloved,never shall i be complete,
Not a day shall i be able to look further of my feet.
Our love is pure,our hearts,alike,
And there was never anything in her I could dislike.

Mages of the highest order,sworn to join at the altar,
A soul shared in separated bodies...
We were one,now we are nothing,
As my heart now holds a burden,
The burden of my own death.

[Thus he stood,
And so he cried,
Until not a tear was left,
And his misery had died]

I swear that by the honor of my ancestors and my own,
I shall not give in to rest,nor day nor night,
Not a moment shall i enjoy peace on this world whilst the lizard breaths.

I swear to the gods that i shall not turn from my path,
The one that shall guide me to the nest of my sorrows.
And then...
Then shall i claim what is mine,
And give my dying bride...
Give her peace with a rose,on the other side.

[Bound yet broken,
What had slumbered,now,had awoken,
As terrifying as it seems,
This is a story whispered in dreams.]

duminică, 25 aprilie 2010



I failed!


vineri, 23 aprilie 2010

Backside of me

How it comes today and leaves yesterday,
With a look and pace,
It is thus that time spins and swirls,
It toys with you and me,while there's nothing to see.

After a brief moment of tension,
The univers explodes and beggins its endless collisions.
This is the way time is met and now fortold,
Once a miracle,now,a horse that is always sold.

Questions come at hand as control reveals only weakness,
Bodies twitch and dissolve,bleeding soap on the water.
Nothing proud about these former beings,
Just dust and a cloud,better i'd turn my headphones loud.

I am brilliant while others are dumb,
I am a miracle where others prove clumbsy,
I am both the brick and the wall,
I am you and i am me,yet never am i small!

marți, 20 aprilie 2010

Living pulse

My body tickles as feet relax,
Limbs scream with delight as they finally face light,
Yet there's not a day or night,
When one lingers to hold another tight.

As storms could sink the mightiest of ships,
Ending it's journey,covering the deeps,
So i wish to start on a quest to dissolve,
To induce and awake,that which lives on deep.

Yet what force must i master,
While in doubt,i am threatened by disaster?
If a story is true,
Then why not make it once more new?

There was something once that shook my ground,
Something that turned me from my path,
And drew on my lips a new map.
Something was once,yet i never saw the end of it!

Would you live life with me?
Could you burst with lust at my very sight?
Was there ever a want powered by trust?
All of these i felt and nursed,
So now,i don't dare on ever saying never.

vineri, 16 aprilie 2010

Whenever a brick falls from a building
A new one takes its place,always ready to sing,
Today, tomorrow,always another,
Cause they can't seem to sit,they actually bother.


To what is new,
It's just another clue,
To what one must do,
To pull it right,to make it through.

Clearly one must bother,
Waiting for the answer of another,
Seeking to find,
On a long forgotten quest,
It's destiny,the treasure chest,
A new era,to pass the final test.

joi, 25 martie 2010

A lover's confession

She's like the wind,
With a heart open,ready to sing.

She is my sin,
Devoured by beauty,the air becomes thin.

She is the dark,
In debt to her,covered by her mark.

She's not there,
Yet my thoughts are bound...Bound somewhere.

She drives me crazy,
Looking so fragile,as if a daisy.

luni, 1 martie 2010


I see one suffer and another suffer yet more,
Such hate surrounds me,i despise life once more.
I find people on my path filled with disgust,
And can not help but do what I must...

Nothing seems real as all is fake,
Some show no mercy for god's sake,
Some come not to give but only take,
It is in my belief that this world is nothing but fake.

I am sorry and i feel your hate,
But nothing is too late...

vineri, 26 februarie 2010

And that's that.

sâmbătă, 20 februarie 2010


Worries,likes and dislikes,perfume and stench,enough and still missing.
So many thoughts and even more,all in one head,belonging to one mind.
A supernatural effort to both humans and gods alike,
Thus I kneel before my burden and try releasing it

When it started,I can't even remember,
Yet not a day passes as the voice is stalking me,
It blows my roots replacing them with it's own,
Thus I am primitive,not being able to control my own.

Live life like a fantasy. Reality is only in your mind!

sâmbătă, 23 ianuarie 2010

Learning to hold.

Shivers of mist unite,

Run wild into the unknown,

Cover our life,make us unfold,

Have mercy by pointing to what is right.

The throne of oblivion has no master,

Its reign of doom has ended.

Instead,it balances a sun and a heart,

From which to pick,which one is more thick?

Leaves have left their home,

THe sea awakens as it is torn,

A new era of Dreamlords is born,

Yet another story,waiting to be told.

joi, 14 ianuarie 2010

Beyond divinity...

Stunned and ashamed,with nothing to blame,
For what we are and who has came,
Barely amused but somewhat abused,
By a picture that was born,within the child that lies torn.

Above and beyond,circles of infinity,
Emptyness lies,a game made by divinity.
No rules nor boundaries,it is for free,
But i wonder: "what could it be?"

This house lies in ruin,it is...encumbered,
By decades and endless numbers that uncover,
All that was shameful at another,
Time won't even bother.

What is a woman without a man,
Like a child without the right hand,
And what do strangers mean to most,
Except the ones to share the toast.

From what is pure and sacred to all the lands,
I wondered what is there that mortals worship the most.
Except the thieves and pirates,and all the pitiful gangs,
It was in those with honor that I could see my dying ghost.

A pirate might show grief and selfishness,
Yet by showing them sincere,his heart is pured,
Unlike those that chose to hide that which they feel,
Their souls are cursed to never heal.

I feel one and all alike,and see those that are infected,
Forgiving those that chose a lifetime of being naked,
And denying others the chance to seek my council,
For my words are true,and they are bound to you!

Acum nu e iarna ci doar un amurg,
Acum nu ninge,doar lacrimile curg,
Acum e rosu,culoarea dulce a cerului,
Sarut dulce,o nota a violoncelului!

sâmbătă, 2 ianuarie 2010

My first three words...

Yet another year has past,
And people have changed their other mask.
Some of my dreams came true while others turned to dust,
But it is the sound of my heart i listen,the one i must.

As hours keep passing and seconds end clicking,
So did our eyes meet in the convulsion of society,
Like a pair of shoes,or a thought of what i'm thinking.
It's you and me,the picture i want to see.

So i turned my lips upon thy own,
Wishing the sky to be ours,thus being brown,
And as i ceased at our kiss,
It was you that i had missed.

A miracle is in my arms when we meet,
And a miracle is when we kiss,as my fears you seem to beat,
As a body lying near,it lies filled with heat,
So i came to realize the being i cherrished most.

I said to you,and i shall never forget,
Until the clock rang 12 i came to accept,
That it is you I trully want,to be my new,
Thus it sounded,rather harsh:" I love you!"

*And it is you i trully want*