marți, 16 octombrie 2012

The flaming passion

[A lion's heart will always burn with passion]

"Blistering cold that covers the plains,
Why do you lie like this,why all of these complains?
You remembered anger and wish to spill your hate,
But why do you ignore the fact that it is your own hate that you create?

Alas, never mind this petty subject,
As you,my old friend,are nothing but a broken object,
Something I had cast away a while ago,
When my pilgrimage underwent.

What is left now?

Well that's a lovely tale indeed and it sounds just like this:

"Born withing the sun,
A light lit within the dark,
Queen of the sky itself,
Empress to my one and only heart.

Never ending river of silver,
Come and cleanse all that is still bitter,
Come,hold,watch and whisper,
Stay,comfort,be the one,but remain a sister.

Shake,stir,assemble and repair,

Awake in sleep,choked with despair,
I tremble as your hands warmth my skin,
I still tremble,as your lips are thin."

You see,I am at peace once more,
This time,even more than before.
I can see light where once there was nothing,
I can feel it once more,I can feel that special something.

It's finally back..."

You and I will always remember all those tears,
All we felt,all that hurt and all those fears,
Until we both heard a voice,and then felt peace,
We felt peace and quiet,and the water was still.

United by this we share the same path,
And with this in mind,we joined hands,
We kissed,and felt anew,
We boiled inside,and then left this realm,
With the speed of sound.

Stephen Swartz - Bullet Train feat. Joni Fatora