marți, 21 septembrie 2010

Mentalul si prima categorie

Once again I apologize to all the English viewers but once again I'm going to write in romanian(told ya to learn the language:P).
Acesta este un studiu de caz personal asupra caruia imi asum din punct de vedere legal drepturi de autor complete(exceptii fiind citatele notate cu "[text]" si poza principala).

Cat de departe poate merge mintea umana?

Diverse ipoteze,precum si cea personala,sustin ca ea,mintea,este limitata de ciclul viata-moarte(ne nastem pentru a muri) si de catre capacitatea individuala de a stoca informatii.
Daca ar trebui sa privim volumul total de informatii ca o reprezentare fizica,atunci,consider ca analogia perfecta ar fi reprezentarea unei biblioteci cu inaltimea unui bloc turn,intesata cu sertare de dimensiuni diferite (pornind in mod descrescator din punct de vedere a marimii,de jos in sus).
Astfel,informatiile pot fi categorisite in diviziunile: mari,medii,mici; si subdiviziunile :Grele sau Usoare.

*A se nota ca dulapul este format la randul sau din:constient(sertare mici si medii) si subconstient(mari si/sau medii).
**Din afirmatia stiintifica "Omul se foloseste de doar 10% din capacitatea totala a creierului" rezulta cu usurinta ca partea meantala constienta a omului standard este de 10% pe cand restul de 90% este guvernata de subconstient.

Din perspectiva personala consider afirmatia de mai sus ca fiind incompleta,deoarece referirile statistice sunt prevazute pentru omul de rand,standard.
Fara a implica discriminarea,sunt de parere ca realitatea din momentul actual a creat o departajare in ceea ce priveste intelectul si capacitatile mentale individuale si anume (descrescator,pornind de la cei mai potenti):

I. Cei bogati din punct de vedere mental (deci si psihic) care abunda in ceea ce priveste logica,personalitate,imaginatie si posedand o usurinta iesita din comun de a procesa si a intelege informatiile relative a lucrurilor/ideilor de ordin atat fizice cat si meatafizice.
Statistica expusa in nota 2 poate fi considerata ca fiind gresita in momentul in care se face referire la astfel de indivizi.CUM CEEA CE ESTE GRESIT TREBUIE MODIFICAT/IMBUNATATIT ,la fel trebuie procedat si cu statistica respectiva,atribuind astfel categoriilor diverse de indivizi noi variante cu modificari/imbunatatiri.
Astfel,pentru categoria precizata mai sus,consider ca realitatea s-ar putea prezenta sub forma 30-50% Constient,70-50% Subconstient (cu exceptiile pe o mansa de eroare de + sau - 5%).

luni, 20 septembrie 2010

Fly,fly little birdy,fly...

Watch them come and go as they fly,
Never landing,only leaving,perhaps passing by.
A tornado of souls deeply uttered from within,
Striving,diving,continuously flying.

What a pity is not for those who leave to never think about
The way their lives changed over the years,
Of the so many pleasures and tastes,all of their dears,
While now,they plan on living without!

My intentions were pure,
And of that,I'm once again sure.

Bout it(instrumental)

miercuri, 8 septembrie 2010

An endless stream of thoughts

So,as days pass on and on and on and on,I study and think of my revelation(of which I promised you all to share). simple words (and just read before calling me crazy!!!) it goes like this:"After a really strange experience I had almost a week ago,and after long,strange and painful discussions with Byakuya/Vic/Claustrofob (AWKWARD [for those of you that don't know him,I don't even want to imagine how this sounds:P] NAME) the two of us arrived at the same conclusion.The conclusion is that somehow,during "my" weird experience,I managed to connect my unconscious with the conscious,thus leading to a more "expensive" knowledge.
Yes,I know,it sounds as if a nut man's words,but I am the living proof.My senses are more precise,my mind can make order through the titanic wave of thoughts and furthermore I am now able to understand,to digest and then calculate the probability of an event that is bound to happen in the future (almost 20 seconds to be exact).
Now...every single word I use has it's own goal in an enormous master plan that I am unable to see.I am able to govern a discussion by simply guiding my receptor to the path I wish,or,in other cases,avoid certain subjects at my will.
I am unable to reproduce what I "see",what I now understand,but,if given time,I will come up with the "right" words.
Until then (and without any further ado ) I give you today's thought (from now on,when I'm not writing poems,there shall be thoughts) :

How complicated is the existence of the people that name themselves human,I can not tell,
For humanity is presumed to be based on logic,creativity,feelings and emotions.
Yet I wonder how many have actually felt something in their lives.
Take pain for instance...a logic and common element amongst people of all ages.
I wonder,how many have truly felt and understood their own pain.
The reflection of pain on the mind is that it is something wrong,something that is supposed to...hurt.
Through my filter of vision and thinking I see pain differently,
As both physic an emotional pain are nothing but a piece of information,
Gather either by our body's nerves or our real life situations.
Its meaning is not to hurt but burn,and ass odd as it may seems,this is what it actually does.
It enters our mind,our brain,and burns our health or mood.
If people would simply accept pain,with no struggle (once again,both physical and emotional pain)
If they would accept instead of repelling it,then that difference would mean the world.
I find it wise not to explain the effects of accepting pain,as I consider it part of humanities tests,
Yet I evoke a question:
How can people call themselves human when they are unable to accept and/or respond to their feelings/sensations?

[Enjoy understanding this :P]

A burden now,
An ally later,
A shadow once,
People as fragments based on the same shape...

Dub FX-Made
"Peace on Earth is evolution for mankind!"

luni, 6 septembrie 2010

In need of thinking

So,i'm going to let the poetry down for a minute and just share some of the thoughts...
Well firstly I can't wait for my FRESHMEN YEAR...(drowling in the background).Secondly,I've had this weird revelation a couple of days ago,which i plan on explaining latter(when hopefully i would have found a reasonable explination:( ).
Until then,cheers and enjoy:

I finally believe in the miracles of this world,
As both thorn and thistle,images alike,
With no boundaries whatsoever,the thoughts collide,
But now,the thoughts are here,in the night,
All so clear....

Is it not the way we percept that makes us react?
If that is so,how can we react when perception itself is only but a variable?
Who are we to tell,to discover,to reveal the truth?
Our enemy is the illusion of belief.


Blinded are those who seek,
For only the mind can choose!


Rusko feat. Amber Coffman - "Hold On"