luni, 6 septembrie 2010

In need of thinking

So,i'm going to let the poetry down for a minute and just share some of the thoughts...
Well firstly I can't wait for my FRESHMEN YEAR...(drowling in the background).Secondly,I've had this weird revelation a couple of days ago,which i plan on explaining latter(when hopefully i would have found a reasonable explination:( ).
Until then,cheers and enjoy:

I finally believe in the miracles of this world,
As both thorn and thistle,images alike,
With no boundaries whatsoever,the thoughts collide,
But now,the thoughts are here,in the night,
All so clear....

Is it not the way we percept that makes us react?
If that is so,how can we react when perception itself is only but a variable?
Who are we to tell,to discover,to reveal the truth?
Our enemy is the illusion of belief.


Blinded are those who seek,
For only the mind can choose!


Rusko feat. Amber Coffman - "Hold On"

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