duminică, 12 octombrie 2014

Goodbye my lover

Goodbye my lover

[It's the name of the song,but what's done,must be done.
There are no metaphors,there's no secret in my verses,
It is my own,and our farewell,
It is the hammer that strikes.]

In an ancient time,I remember of a version,
A time filled of joy and purity,a time with no diversion.
I remember all the laughs and tears alike,
And I remember it all,so just like...

There's no more hiding anymore,there's no secret to us,
We've done what we thought right,but now we've missed our bus.

We've had our smiles in the nights,
We've climbed on so many different heights,
We've had and we shared,
We've stumble and we teared.

We failed some time ago,and still gave our best,
We gave it all without caring for the rest.
We've built and now we broke,
We've did it all with each and every stroke.

I write these in thy memory,in thy sake,
May you have your peace as you sleep or lie awake,
May you find comfort in your own care,
May you see love in the eyes in which you will stare.

I thank thee,the last that saw the pure light in me,
And I wish you'll hold it dear to thee.
I hope for the time when we both smile with no remorse,
For when we remember,of the bright white horse.

It's not easy putting such things together,
And I do it now,hoping for the better,
For it's plain to me,like the sunny weather,
That what was once in heaven is now nether.

Pay your own tributes to the past,
Pay them if you must,
Let life invade our blood,
Turn it into good or mud.

James Blunt-Goodbye my lover


You (and all we were once)

We've learned a lot from what was nothing,
We made it all,we turned it into something,
But now,I'd just love to leave all pain behind,
And see the joys of life,come back,in time.

I remember everything as if yesterday,
I remember it all as if it had happened today,
But I won't let the memories of our loving past,
Be the judge of what was last.