vineri, 28 mai 2010

In silence I lay!

Guilt,remorse and maybe even hidden pain,
Feelings that curse and twist our minds alike,
Hidden,burried,kept inside,
What's there to show when there's so much to hide?

Whisper with the wind,
Fly beneath the trees,
Seek the river of life,
Awaken,and reveal your desire!

marți, 25 mai 2010


Born on fresh ground,life is nothing but the same,
Just like a bundle of flowers,all without a name.
I was the one that gave birth to a feeling,
And still does that feeling hurt so close to believing.

If not for a god then at least for a mortal,
Would a goddess choose to shut the portal?
Would she unlock chains and let go of her charms,
Would it all be possible,for a mortal?

It is not our duty to rebuild what was once destroyed,
As it was our wish to destroy in the first place.
One most bother for another,
Yet shouldn't that other somehow bother too?

Majorat dragos!! PARTY PEOPLE!!

A poem to a friend

It is tonight that your stars shall unite,

And thus,tonight,shall they morph into a man.

It is your destiny to sing,to feel,to share,

All that you have ever felt,as of all you took good care.

Remember your ways and never give up your soul,

Because in love we are to it,and that is trully what makes you whole.

Never lose faith for you are right,

Never give up to what you wish to fight,

We stand by you with all our might.

Let this poem be yours my friend,

As with it comes the message we all wish to send,

Our wishes of good luck and health to you,

It is to this pianist I clap and wish luck to all that shall be new!

Happy Birthday,

Alexandru Birzanu

Parte din invitati(gen "La fumatori"):P

Si-a murit Dumitru...


sâmbătă, 15 mai 2010

Lonely sunset

Just watching the sky fall and I still think of you,
So now show me the lie I pray to,
As the time is now,up in front,
And i love every second in your shelter.

Stop teasing and start the fire,
Fall in arms and I'll proove it,
Even if my last words,
At least they'd reach towards my belief.

It's the final countdown of feelings,
So don't leave a love go away.
It doesn't matter what was then as long as you stay,
I know the begging and we both love the end.

Do what you please but never love me less,
And I'll never let you cry in tears.
Lend a hand so I can share a bed,
I don'w wanna sleep where it's cold anymore.

"It tares me up,
I try to hold on but it hurts too much,
I try to forgive but it's not enough,
To make it all ok.

You can't play on broken strings,
You can't feel anything
That your heart don't want to feel,
I can't tell you something that ain't real."

marți, 11 mai 2010

An hour and a half

It all started slowly,
It began at eight,
We were in bed,
Yet time was growing late.

She turned on a side,
Her face wanting to hide,
And as lazy as she could,
Came closer to his body.

With one beneath and another above,
His hands were holding her chest tight,
Barely breathing,dizzy now,
He felt her skin,she felt his warmth.


At nine,bodies caught fire,
The two now strangling each other,
Fists heltd in one another,
They did not move,refusing to bother.

It all came to an end at nine and a half,
When once on fire,their thoughts now covered in sorrow.
They had to part,she had to leave,
They wished to stay,yet he closed shut the day!

marți, 4 mai 2010

Erather's Curse

[Separated by a wall of flame,yet joined by a force,
Erather felt the stream of life abandoning his ghost.
As the dragon flew higher with a victim in it's claws,
The mage's scream shook the ground apart:]

Fly back this instant and return what is rightfuly mine,
Or thau shall pay in blood,for thy sins,with haste!
After so much time and preparation,
I shall not allow you to put an end to our dreams.

[With eyes burning like fire,arms tight,covered with desire,
The mage swirled a spear of ice towards the flying beast,
Yet succeeded in receiving a shout of laughter from above:]

Worthless maggot!
You dare strike upon the gods that rule over the sky?
You wish to anger those imbued with power by nature itself?
Your beloved is now mine,and her meat i shall time.

[Upon these words,Erather fell,
Fists pounding lightning on the ground.
A cry of despair,
A tear...and then he swore:]

Robbed I lay of my beloved,never shall i be complete,
Not a day shall i be able to look further of my feet.
Our love is pure,our hearts,alike,
And there was never anything in her I could dislike.

Mages of the highest order,sworn to join at the altar,
A soul shared in separated bodies...
We were one,now we are nothing,
As my heart now holds a burden,
The burden of my own death.

[Thus he stood,
And so he cried,
Until not a tear was left,
And his misery had died]

I swear that by the honor of my ancestors and my own,
I shall not give in to rest,nor day nor night,
Not a moment shall i enjoy peace on this world whilst the lizard breaths.

I swear to the gods that i shall not turn from my path,
The one that shall guide me to the nest of my sorrows.
And then...
Then shall i claim what is mine,
And give my dying bride...
Give her peace with a rose,on the other side.

[Bound yet broken,
What had slumbered,now,had awoken,
As terrifying as it seems,
This is a story whispered in dreams.]