luni, 24 decembrie 2012

Wishes and prayers

Hours and hours ago,
Hours that came to a halt and then flew by past,
All that time I had to grow,
She stood by,and went with my flow.

When all that I once asked was peace and quiet,
I stay here lying naked and paralized,wondering how could she have tried it,
And now ask the dearest of the Gods for that moment that would last forever,
And in all that passing of time,that the two of us would remain together.

Yes and yes again,as I have said above,
I discovered the final piece of which I remained unsure,
Peace is what I sought,and now that I finally have it,
I wish for time,to letit grow,to make it permanent.

My wishes have changed,yet the principles lie the same,
I wish for a home and pray that I never remain alone,
I pray that she will stay and forever feel the same,
I hope she will be filled with the same love as before,and always call my name.

Fired Earth Music-Aphellon

I miss youso very very much,
And can't wait to fall back again,
Down where it's safe,deep within your arms,
And that together we may lay,on the plains,just counting our shinny stars.

marți, 20 noiembrie 2012

Something special

Hey there everyone,thanks for the feedback on the last post,really appreciate your support! ;)

Before I begin,I'd like to give a special shout-out to a very special friend of mine,that's turning 22 in the next hour.So,HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dearest friend in the world! >:D<

I wish you the best of luck Maria,and hope to see you as soon as possible...I've got a special something something for you this time.I'm grateful for everything you've done for me so far,and no matter what petty conflicts/argues/fights we'd have,I'll always be there, whether night or day,by your side.

La multi ani fiinta draga,sa ramai mereu asa cum esti,zambitoare,plina de energie si de neinduplecat de la telurile si idealurile tale! 
(sorry for the international people...GOOGLE-TRANSLATE IT! :P  ) 

Now,here goes:

["You've sprung the hearts and minds of many,without considering your own...Care!"-Vic]

It would seem that passion flourished again,
Flourished through the drops and tears of the rain,
Flourished through the hearts of the young,
Flourished on the helpless lips as they stung.

I say this after closely watching and observing,
As he,the man that saw himself as undeserving,
Arose from his prison and banished the ghosts,
That once haunted his coasts.

[At this moment,rhyme is not needed,
For a question rises from the public,
And an answer is called forth.

The question:
"Who is this stranger you speak of?"
"What ghosts haunted which coasts?"

Well the answer my dearest,is this: ]

In this tale I speak of he who has always been in every story so far,
He who you have come to feel pity,hate, despise and at least once,even love.
It is he,that in his demise,all came to arise,
It is he the reason that you are here.

["Alright...Is there more to this tale?"]

Indeed there is,yet more importantly the answer lies in another,
Deep within his own answer.

You see,she came into play,and now he is no longer alone,
It is she the reason that his body is mended,from back to bone,
It is she that proposed a challenge once more,
And she seems fit to be the coast to his shore.

I am filled with joy to see this sight again,
I am at ease for she lacks any sort of stain.
I see love in their eyes,
And am amused as I watch them,as I watch flies,
Except these ones dance with each other,
The lonely wisher and the now surrogate mother.

Ellie Goulding - My blood
(+her :D )

Fericire si bucurie imbinate in aceeasi licoare,
Dulce bautura,simt cum din nou imi oferi culoare,
Si ma intreb daca mai tii tu minte oare,
Ca nu mai stiu ce inseamna "ma doare"?

duminică, 4 noiembrie 2012

The halt

Let it be known that I am not a believer in faith,
Nor do I cling to such a childish trait,
Yet I have been stunned by a sheer of luck,
Struck as if a fly hit by a truck.

Whilst walking the path I've been walking all this time,
I came across someone that could complete a rhyme.
Fragile and young,alive and filled with energy,
I soon considered to pause my stroll and consider this "enemy".

It soon came to me,as the hours poured,
That I had encountered something both interesting and strange.

"How could such a being bring up so much interest in me?
Where were all those thoughts that had haunted my past?
Why could I not move,thus not able to take my eyes from thee?
I would even go so far as to believe that this one could hear my thoughts."

Although strange and with a childish air,
I continued chattering at the least to see whether she were fair,
And after countless tries I soon discovered the saddening truth,
All that I could either feel or see struck me with such familiarity.

I saw in that being that which gave me hope,
I felt dazzled and confused,yet saved by a sturdy rope,
I knew it then as I had known it all before,
It was the same hurt that stood inside me,that had tore...

It soon came to my mind that I had lingered enough,
So I stood and continued walking,even as the land laid rough,
But my hand was grasped by the other and a smooth voice then asked:
"May I join you,and may we walk the same path...forgetting our own past?"


Love and other feelings alike,
Come and be combined,at last reunite,
I am now complete and feel scattered,
Like drops of sand,I am now an almighty matter.


marți, 16 octombrie 2012

The flaming passion

[A lion's heart will always burn with passion]

"Blistering cold that covers the plains,
Why do you lie like this,why all of these complains?
You remembered anger and wish to spill your hate,
But why do you ignore the fact that it is your own hate that you create?

Alas, never mind this petty subject,
As you,my old friend,are nothing but a broken object,
Something I had cast away a while ago,
When my pilgrimage underwent.

What is left now?

Well that's a lovely tale indeed and it sounds just like this:

"Born withing the sun,
A light lit within the dark,
Queen of the sky itself,
Empress to my one and only heart.

Never ending river of silver,
Come and cleanse all that is still bitter,
Come,hold,watch and whisper,
Stay,comfort,be the one,but remain a sister.

Shake,stir,assemble and repair,

Awake in sleep,choked with despair,
I tremble as your hands warmth my skin,
I still tremble,as your lips are thin."

You see,I am at peace once more,
This time,even more than before.
I can see light where once there was nothing,
I can feel it once more,I can feel that special something.

It's finally back..."

You and I will always remember all those tears,
All we felt,all that hurt and all those fears,
Until we both heard a voice,and then felt peace,
We felt peace and quiet,and the water was still.

United by this we share the same path,
And with this in mind,we joined hands,
We kissed,and felt anew,
We boiled inside,and then left this realm,
With the speed of sound.

Stephen Swartz - Bullet Train feat. Joni Fatora

sâmbătă, 25 august 2012

Limited edition post: My thoughts

Ola everyone,hope your summer has been at least great so far.
So this is one of those posts,where I use the real stuff both as an inspiration as well as the main subject/theme.

Hope you enjoy! :P


You want to know how I feel?
Do you really want that?
Well if indeed that is what you wish,then here it goes:

I feel...I feel as if I'm torn apart.I feel an itch which I can't scratch,a small but potent flame that burns me within.I feel it everyday,and even as I pray for the pain to go,no matter how hard I try to tame it or at the very least to rid my thoughts of it,as soon as night falls,it always haunts me.

I can not move as I'd wish nor smile as I did before.


Why oh why indeed...

I've got memories to which I cling onto,and as I once wrote on this very blog some years ago:

"A shadow of the past,
Living in the present,
Yet waiting for the future."

Never have I felt so abandoned,so small,so hurt,

I know that time heals all wounds and that every end is a new beginning,yet I still wonder "What if...?"

Am I fool for feeling such things?
I guess only time will tell indeed whether that would be the case or not.

Until then,I sit on this very bed,smoking a cigarette,awakened by a dream,with the need to explode.

The dream....It was you again.

Neutralize-Shining through the light feat. Emily Underhill (Culture Code Remix)

luni, 13 august 2012

The new beginning

[On a cliff way upon the Snowy Mountains, 
Near the Sea of a thousand fountains, 
There he stood sipping the storm, 
Feeling weak,in his human form. 

He watched as the storm was being uncovered, 
And yet covering the plain of water. 

He watched the steep peak clash with the fury of the waves, 
And although he could hear the bits of rock falling apart, 
The mountain kept its stand,rejecting the seas embrace. 

He stood as if struck by lighting when his hand was caught by another, 
A moment of patience and the warmth was spreading, 
And his eyes lit as thunder spread its shadow, 
And thus she spoke:   ]

Fear not dear for I shall bury you, 
Just as the ground burries those who are loved, 
Fear not for I shall be your one and another, 
Just feel my warmth and surrender your pain.

[As the final words were lost along the wind, 
A tear fell from the ancient dragon, now human, 
And as lightning struck again, 
The cloudes fled and the sun was once more]


I know what it is that you seek underneath,
Yet look for it closely deep down beneath.

Life :P
Florence+ The Machine - Breath Of Life

joi, 2 august 2012

Stepping in the storm

-Honey come's cold out here!

(On the last step of the front staircase leading in the house stood Griffin,with a cigar in one hand.
He was smoking slowly and deeply,his glasses aimed towards the sky,watching the tiny drops pour from above)

-You reckon it's cold outside?

(Marriot stood in front of the door with a warm blanket covering her body.
A strange feeling tickled her body as the question was said.)

-Why yes,it's freezing cold out here.Come inside,it's warmer!

-Warmer you say...

(Another long sip of the cigarette and a bright flashing light surrounded by smoke showered his face.)

-If only it were warmer inside,but it isn't.Franly,if you asked me,I'd say it's hotter over here where I'm standing.

(She let a silent gasp)

-Well,don't stay  too long,I'll be waiting inside,okay?

(Halfway through the cigarette another flash of bright red light arose)

-Well that's just it Marry,I don't want to come inside.I told you,it's cold in there.

-Well would you rather sleep out here?

-Given the choice,I'd probably say yes.

(Marriot was shocked...He knew...He had found out the truth)



-Please come inside.

-Actually,I was planning on taking a stroll down the lane,and upwards to city center.

(The cigarette was almost finished)

-And then?

-And then....I think I'll just carry on.Would you care to join me?

(She froze.His words were a mask and she knew this was a test.Considering how serious and determined he seemed,it was probably the final test)

-No,it's too cold for me.How about I wait for you inside?

(Griffin sipped the last smoke out of the small burning piece of paper.As he threw it in a small pond that had appeared in between his feet,he said)

-How about that indeed...

(He rose on his feet and straightened up.
He walked 'till he was an inch away from Marry's face,and gently kissed her cheek.

She started crying)

-I hope you know...I did love you,I always did,all this time.

(And immediately,without waiting for a response,he turned his back to his wife,and strafed right in the rain,as if guided by a path only he could see.
He was on his road,on his own,once more)

Whenever guided by a light,
That light always used to shine bright,
And it always led him back home,
Always led him away from the storm.

Niia-BTSU (Jai Paul Cover) 

luni, 25 iunie 2012

Erather's Curse (part 3)

[ "The laws are sacred and not to be questioned,
  And so shall they remain until a new heir shall be received.
  Only then may the justice of those above be done by one so sacred,
  Only then shall the laws be denied their eternal immunity."

Passage from "A book with no soul" by an unknown author ]

30 days later

[ Metira had already surpassed her limits,
The training,the deliberations of the council,
And even Erather being like a frozen giant filled with mystery,
All was too much.

She stomped towards her father's room,
Preparing for her final stand.]


King Perdut:

Ahh,my child,
To what blessing or delight,
Do I have you here,in my chambers?

[The air felt heavy,
While the ground seemed light,
Not many could stand in the presence of an Archmage]


Dear father and holy king of Feverei,
I great you in this uneasy evening
In search of council.

King Perdut:

Do please then,my dearest,
Speak your mind and wits.

[Metira was about to blush at the kings very first words,
But held it back calmly,waiting for him to end]

Yet be warned,my child,
No matter what songs you sing,
Or what angel sounds you bring,
The council's decision shall not be revoked.


Father,we...You cannot allow such miseries to happen,
Feverei must not give in to the Saints,but dampen.
We can raise our most skilled mages,
And put up our defences once more.

[The wise old king,listened in silence,
Yet hurricanes were rushing through his mind,
As the words he heard were only masks of in front of reasons,
Reasons that he did not like.]

King Perdut:
Child,you wish that we not engage in this war,
Yet I wonder what battles you fight within.
Is it the blood-spilling of the innocent that you fear,
Or may it be some more...precious blood behind it all?

[Silence covered the great throne room,
Silence and an eager sound of doom,
As if nether dust was cast in the chamber,
Heavy,all so heavy.]



My dearest father and king
Fear not,for my motives are pure
And I shall kneel before thy wishes yet again.

Know though that my reasons are fair,
And if thou knew the truth behind my tale,
You'd pledge your life for the Saints.

King Perdut:

What treachery is this that you speak my daughter?

Begone before I lock you up for blasphemy,
And pray that my anger diminishes until dawn,
So that my sword will not seek a certain enemy from all the saints!


As you wish...father!

[The beautiful daughter,
Marched back leaving the now restless nether matter,
With a hand so fragile on her front,
Caressing it gently.

A tear came by,
As the hand was slightly shaken from within the young body,
And Metira whispered with a dead voice]


I shall protect you,
For you,for me

And even from Erather!

[On the other side of the Snowy Mountains
There stood once again Erather dressed with black armor.
In his balcony he laid deep within his thoughts,
With a violet flower in his hands.]


There shall be war,
We shall be parted,
Yet only one shall drink from victory,
As mankind refuses to obey the laws of sanity.

[His hands shook,
Damaging the flower he had took.

He watched a petal fall from the ever violently colored flower,
And as the tiny thing reached the floor,
He lighted up the remains of what was once in his hand,
And contrary to his calm,the flower burst into a blaze of fire.]


If once we were two,
Now dawn shall decide who must remain,
And thus the two shall become one,
Either by love or blood.

Only one shall live to tell the tale,
And then the legends shall come true,
The songs shall sing the truth,
About the last Archmage alive.

Through all the battles that one fights,
There comes the time for a great battle to arrive,
And in that moment all is but a moments worth,
As only what is worth shall remain just and fair!

( and life :P )