luni, 24 decembrie 2012

Wishes and prayers

Hours and hours ago,
Hours that came to a halt and then flew by past,
All that time I had to grow,
She stood by,and went with my flow.

When all that I once asked was peace and quiet,
I stay here lying naked and paralized,wondering how could she have tried it,
And now ask the dearest of the Gods for that moment that would last forever,
And in all that passing of time,that the two of us would remain together.

Yes and yes again,as I have said above,
I discovered the final piece of which I remained unsure,
Peace is what I sought,and now that I finally have it,
I wish for time,to letit grow,to make it permanent.

My wishes have changed,yet the principles lie the same,
I wish for a home and pray that I never remain alone,
I pray that she will stay and forever feel the same,
I hope she will be filled with the same love as before,and always call my name.

Fired Earth Music-Aphellon

I miss youso very very much,
And can't wait to fall back again,
Down where it's safe,deep within your arms,
And that together we may lay,on the plains,just counting our shinny stars.