marți, 20 noiembrie 2012

Something special

Hey there everyone,thanks for the feedback on the last post,really appreciate your support! ;)

Before I begin,I'd like to give a special shout-out to a very special friend of mine,that's turning 22 in the next hour.So,HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dearest friend in the world! >:D<

I wish you the best of luck Maria,and hope to see you as soon as possible...I've got a special something something for you this time.I'm grateful for everything you've done for me so far,and no matter what petty conflicts/argues/fights we'd have,I'll always be there, whether night or day,by your side.

La multi ani fiinta draga,sa ramai mereu asa cum esti,zambitoare,plina de energie si de neinduplecat de la telurile si idealurile tale! 
(sorry for the international people...GOOGLE-TRANSLATE IT! :P  ) 

Now,here goes:

["You've sprung the hearts and minds of many,without considering your own...Care!"-Vic]

It would seem that passion flourished again,
Flourished through the drops and tears of the rain,
Flourished through the hearts of the young,
Flourished on the helpless lips as they stung.

I say this after closely watching and observing,
As he,the man that saw himself as undeserving,
Arose from his prison and banished the ghosts,
That once haunted his coasts.

[At this moment,rhyme is not needed,
For a question rises from the public,
And an answer is called forth.

The question:
"Who is this stranger you speak of?"
"What ghosts haunted which coasts?"

Well the answer my dearest,is this: ]

In this tale I speak of he who has always been in every story so far,
He who you have come to feel pity,hate, despise and at least once,even love.
It is he,that in his demise,all came to arise,
It is he the reason that you are here.

["Alright...Is there more to this tale?"]

Indeed there is,yet more importantly the answer lies in another,
Deep within his own answer.

You see,she came into play,and now he is no longer alone,
It is she the reason that his body is mended,from back to bone,
It is she that proposed a challenge once more,
And she seems fit to be the coast to his shore.

I am filled with joy to see this sight again,
I am at ease for she lacks any sort of stain.
I see love in their eyes,
And am amused as I watch them,as I watch flies,
Except these ones dance with each other,
The lonely wisher and the now surrogate mother.

Ellie Goulding - My blood
(+her :D )

Fericire si bucurie imbinate in aceeasi licoare,
Dulce bautura,simt cum din nou imi oferi culoare,
Si ma intreb daca mai tii tu minte oare,
Ca nu mai stiu ce inseamna "ma doare"?

duminică, 4 noiembrie 2012

The halt

Let it be known that I am not a believer in faith,
Nor do I cling to such a childish trait,
Yet I have been stunned by a sheer of luck,
Struck as if a fly hit by a truck.

Whilst walking the path I've been walking all this time,
I came across someone that could complete a rhyme.
Fragile and young,alive and filled with energy,
I soon considered to pause my stroll and consider this "enemy".

It soon came to me,as the hours poured,
That I had encountered something both interesting and strange.

"How could such a being bring up so much interest in me?
Where were all those thoughts that had haunted my past?
Why could I not move,thus not able to take my eyes from thee?
I would even go so far as to believe that this one could hear my thoughts."

Although strange and with a childish air,
I continued chattering at the least to see whether she were fair,
And after countless tries I soon discovered the saddening truth,
All that I could either feel or see struck me with such familiarity.

I saw in that being that which gave me hope,
I felt dazzled and confused,yet saved by a sturdy rope,
I knew it then as I had known it all before,
It was the same hurt that stood inside me,that had tore...

It soon came to my mind that I had lingered enough,
So I stood and continued walking,even as the land laid rough,
But my hand was grasped by the other and a smooth voice then asked:
"May I join you,and may we walk the same path...forgetting our own past?"


Love and other feelings alike,
Come and be combined,at last reunite,
I am now complete and feel scattered,
Like drops of sand,I am now an almighty matter.