vineri, 26 septembrie 2014

The present

The present

They say that even demons should repent,
That they should listen to their souls,
And carry out that which they did not whilest alive.


I'd laugh in those people's face.

You see, there's a monster within us each,
Since we all share the same fortune.

You know as well as I do,
You've felt joy,you've felt hate,
You've felt the same feeling that took you to the brink of destruction,

And yet we all managed,
We healed,we let the door open,and thus,
This is how we function.

In our love and in our minds,
'Tis where the wind intertwines.
Not merely a simple breeze, but a hurricane followed by thunder,
It devours everything,searching,as if a hunter.

I don't believe in perfect beginnings as well as I don't believe in endings.
The end is how we make it.
WE are our own judges.
The past is blurred,the future...uncertain.

We are merely humans,living for the present,
Shattered from the past,
Bewildered by the future.

And yet...I refuse to obey a rule,
To obey the masses and all the social classes.

I live not because of what others think,
But because I survived and will continue to survive.

I love not because others approve,
But because my heart skips a beat when I see a certain face.

I care not because others ask for pitty,
But because I remember my own pain,and feel it still.

There's no tommorow,there's no next week,month or even year.
There is but now and what we do with our own time.

Florence + The machine- Over the love


I've seen that which hurts the most,
Yet my judgement is as it stood before its host.
I could see it in your eyes,
Yet even the strongest it seems,can slowly die.