duminică, 27 septembrie 2009

An angel

And yet,after all the trouble and pain
After all that we feared... she is here.
As the morning's air turns all so fresh
So is she here,in flesh.

Purest of all the stars,
Nothing could stop her,she has no bars,
Conqueress of the world,
She is here.

If once my lips would have spoken with despair,
Now,they turn silent,as angels kiss clear,
Invited to become once more a god,imortal,
Her wings show now...only heaven's light.

His love is now defended,
Her magic is enhanced,
Beseeching one another,
A mortal and his mistress.

luni, 14 septembrie 2009

Torn paper

Just a copy,like before...I'm done this time,it's too much...too much...even for me.
No more scrap book,now i end my seach for a while...
Until...I am healed...
I wished it all and that wish was you...

Im alone
Cant wait until I feel your rain
So unreal
Cant find another place of your rain
I believe
I still believe in your warm rain
Im alone
Cant sleep until I feel your rain

How can I find
Love, faith and trust inside of your rain
So unreal, cant find another place of your rain
I believe
I still believe in your warm rain
So untrue
Help me to find through your warm rain

I send out my wishes
You gave me promises
Why dont you feel the same
(Im sad, I feel like a little child,
Somebody left, there is no rain)

Oh no, Im waiting
How about your rain?
I cant believe
I still believe in your rain
Like in heaven
I cant wait until I feel your rain
So wheres your life
Whos living the rest of your life

I cant, I cant,
I cant live this life, I cant live this life
I cant see in your eyes
Cant change it, no more tries
Leave everyone with a smile
And youre sad, you feel like a little child
Somebodys left there is no rain

I send out my wishes ...


sâmbătă, 12 septembrie 2009

A shaman's tale

Earth,Wind and Fire heed my call,
Break loose and drench this foul world in blood.
Leave none but one begging on its feet,
Begging for its end,begging for defeat.

My soul lies wounded,
The ground is flooding,
My blood,spilling,
My heart deserted of any feeling.

Let the ground receive my body,
And the wind skatter my tears.
Let my horrors and dreams be put to rest,
For i have failed during my test.

Amongst my tribe members,it was i the one, the best,
And yet again it is still i who wishes the second to rest.
I call on you,my friends,to seek vengeance on my behalf,
And strike my pain as lightining strikes the plain.

Feast on my remains,as i ofer myself willingly,
Yet keep shut the doors that open my heart.
Shall i flow into the river of forgivness,
And leave behind my memories that haunt me these days.

I am done yet incomplete in this life,
I have lost the battle for my wife,
Heed me now or else i shall give into to my knife...

When you shall find out who you are and what you want,
When you shall choose between a friendship and a lover,
Then shall we speak and also then shall we meet,
And i pray to the gods that you heed yourself and needs.

Be wise and let none take away your happines.

Ill nino with you

joi, 10 septembrie 2009

I can do it!

As the young mage went through the desert and the storm sealed his path,he stopped and cast the most powerful spell ever made:

I can touch you now and it will last forever,
I can heal heal the wounds,i can heal the pain,
I can make you scream,i can make you insane,
I can do it all,i will make love come again.

And so,as the storm swept past,he continued his way...until he met his final day.

vineri, 4 septembrie 2009

Good day

Una a fost si a fost sa fie chiar a 4 a zi de toamna.
24/24,exces de zel si supradoza de seara.

Nothing's wrong and nothing's bad
What we are and what we had,
Still the same,in black and blue,
You like me and I love you too.

marți, 1 septembrie 2009


Sincer,ca animal,nu am vazut in viata mea vreoun cameleon,in carne si oase dar...am simtit unul.
Da...a intrat,m-a patruns si m-a spulberat in adancuri.
Il iubesc totusi,din fericire si din durere.
Problema cu cameleonii astia este ca se camufleaza.
Uneori ii vezi,alteori dispar din vedere.
Ciudat lucru...Sa iubesti o vedenie.

Vedenie sau realitate,iubirea exista si nu se stinge o data cu disparitia cameleonului in vazduh,ci ii asteapta reaparitia.

Guano Apes- Living in a lie