sâmbătă, 12 septembrie 2009

A shaman's tale

Earth,Wind and Fire heed my call,
Break loose and drench this foul world in blood.
Leave none but one begging on its feet,
Begging for its end,begging for defeat.

My soul lies wounded,
The ground is flooding,
My blood,spilling,
My heart deserted of any feeling.

Let the ground receive my body,
And the wind skatter my tears.
Let my horrors and dreams be put to rest,
For i have failed during my test.

Amongst my tribe members,it was i the one, the best,
And yet again it is still i who wishes the second to rest.
I call on you,my friends,to seek vengeance on my behalf,
And strike my pain as lightining strikes the plain.

Feast on my remains,as i ofer myself willingly,
Yet keep shut the doors that open my heart.
Shall i flow into the river of forgivness,
And leave behind my memories that haunt me these days.

I am done yet incomplete in this life,
I have lost the battle for my wife,
Heed me now or else i shall give into to my knife...

When you shall find out who you are and what you want,
When you shall choose between a friendship and a lover,
Then shall we speak and also then shall we meet,
And i pray to the gods that you heed yourself and needs.

Be wise and let none take away your happines.

Ill nino with you

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