luni, 25 iunie 2012

Erather's Curse (part 3)

[ "The laws are sacred and not to be questioned,
  And so shall they remain until a new heir shall be received.
  Only then may the justice of those above be done by one so sacred,
  Only then shall the laws be denied their eternal immunity."

Passage from "A book with no soul" by an unknown author ]

30 days later

[ Metira had already surpassed her limits,
The training,the deliberations of the council,
And even Erather being like a frozen giant filled with mystery,
All was too much.

She stomped towards her father's room,
Preparing for her final stand.]


King Perdut:

Ahh,my child,
To what blessing or delight,
Do I have you here,in my chambers?

[The air felt heavy,
While the ground seemed light,
Not many could stand in the presence of an Archmage]


Dear father and holy king of Feverei,
I great you in this uneasy evening
In search of council.

King Perdut:

Do please then,my dearest,
Speak your mind and wits.

[Metira was about to blush at the kings very first words,
But held it back calmly,waiting for him to end]

Yet be warned,my child,
No matter what songs you sing,
Or what angel sounds you bring,
The council's decision shall not be revoked.


Father,we...You cannot allow such miseries to happen,
Feverei must not give in to the Saints,but dampen.
We can raise our most skilled mages,
And put up our defences once more.

[The wise old king,listened in silence,
Yet hurricanes were rushing through his mind,
As the words he heard were only masks of in front of reasons,
Reasons that he did not like.]

King Perdut:
Child,you wish that we not engage in this war,
Yet I wonder what battles you fight within.
Is it the blood-spilling of the innocent that you fear,
Or may it be some more...precious blood behind it all?

[Silence covered the great throne room,
Silence and an eager sound of doom,
As if nether dust was cast in the chamber,
Heavy,all so heavy.]



My dearest father and king
Fear not,for my motives are pure
And I shall kneel before thy wishes yet again.

Know though that my reasons are fair,
And if thou knew the truth behind my tale,
You'd pledge your life for the Saints.

King Perdut:

What treachery is this that you speak my daughter?

Begone before I lock you up for blasphemy,
And pray that my anger diminishes until dawn,
So that my sword will not seek a certain enemy from all the saints!


As you wish...father!

[The beautiful daughter,
Marched back leaving the now restless nether matter,
With a hand so fragile on her front,
Caressing it gently.

A tear came by,
As the hand was slightly shaken from within the young body,
And Metira whispered with a dead voice]


I shall protect you,
For you,for me

And even from Erather!

[On the other side of the Snowy Mountains
There stood once again Erather dressed with black armor.
In his balcony he laid deep within his thoughts,
With a violet flower in his hands.]


There shall be war,
We shall be parted,
Yet only one shall drink from victory,
As mankind refuses to obey the laws of sanity.

[His hands shook,
Damaging the flower he had took.

He watched a petal fall from the ever violently colored flower,
And as the tiny thing reached the floor,
He lighted up the remains of what was once in his hand,
And contrary to his calm,the flower burst into a blaze of fire.]


If once we were two,
Now dawn shall decide who must remain,
And thus the two shall become one,
Either by love or blood.

Only one shall live to tell the tale,
And then the legends shall come true,
The songs shall sing the truth,
About the last Archmage alive.

Through all the battles that one fights,
There comes the time for a great battle to arrive,
And in that moment all is but a moments worth,
As only what is worth shall remain just and fair!

( and life :P )