duminică, 27 decembrie 2009

A new soul!

A new Messiah has taken birth upon this world,
One stronger as ever,desired for the horde,
A new Era of serenity on which to choose,
Peace in the dephs of a truce!

But yet a long time ago,
The creation of this demi-god was fortold,
Once said by those that were bold,
Now,it is true,a moment to behold!

Born by the love of a godess and a mortal being,
It has risen a site worth seeing.
Inheriting bits and pieces of them both,
No flaws,an emergence of qualities.

Her eyes,her hair,her dreams,
His judgement,his stature,his ego,
Her smell,her desires,her love,
His calm,his weight,his desires.

Behold our savior!
May his reign last for eternity,
And let the gods favore him the most.
Let us hope it shall succeed in where all have failed,
That it will be able to banish our demons to hell,
To consume the pain and control the fire,
Born within the rain and earth alike,
I proclaim you as being humanity's right!

luni, 21 decembrie 2009

One step above heaven!

Unbelievable is believeble!
What was once imaginary,now is reality.
Even in my wildest dream,i have never dreamt,
Something so pure,so profound,so...like her!

I am dazed,and thus astonished,
I am lost in this majestic maze.
It hurts to be apart,
But I laugh from the bottom of my heart.

Angels exist,and they trully bring light.
Dashed by this gift,it is the gift of the gods,
It is passion burning like fire consuming winter's cold,
It is my hope,it is her i save from the rain.

An answer to a question i have found,
"What is death before my sight?".
The answer is as simple as joke:
"It is only a mirrage to my soul!"

Alas,i have but one more thing to say,
That a mirracle happend today,
For this reason i have reached imortallity above,
For i have found a soul i can trully call: " My love!"

sâmbătă, 19 decembrie 2009

Darkening message

This world is heavy,

And yet it is not slow.

The clock is ticking,

And yet it has stopped.

My world is both yours and his,

It resembles a place of light and happiness,

Don’t you agree?

Well then,I am sorry to say that light has long since died

What you see,are only shadows,wearing the clothes of light

And behind your happiness lies only greef and despair.

I see nothing good in it,

And yet you would die for it.

I tell you the truth in icy words,

And yet you see a warm lie.

You have been warned,

Kill yourself while you can.

5 Days Later…

The sun has died,

And yet the world is warm.

People are dead,

And yet it is so cold.

My world is on the brink of destruction,

It misses it’s nature and life

Am I not insane?

They where here,now they are not

My eyes,ripped from my face

And darkness calls its spirits back to life.

I remember all the good in it,

And yet I did nothing to maintain it.

I found the secret of life,

And yet I lost it.

We have been warned,

And yet…yet we didn’t listen.

Life Offered Very Easy

Life is puny and it is cruel

It may seem small but it’s filled with fuel

Always provoking a duel

Making something great, resemble to a mule.

But if it is as evil and filled with hatred as words would say

Then no word could tell you what inside it lies.

Because inside is what matters!

Behind the masks and the words,

Inside and within the ink these words were written,

Lies something beautiful, astonishing some would say.

No one who has ever seen or felt the truth can ever return to its former state

For the soul grows desperate for more.

But what could it be, so good and nice

Filled with honey, but still just as ice

Like cheese it gathers us like mice

Changing our lives with a throw of a dice.

Is it fortune, which grieves the souls of men?

Is it truth, searched by the wise but found by few?

Or is it immortality, the final obstacle in life?

Well my beloved wife, I shall share with you my burden

The secret that’s been hidden within my body.

The hollow, deeper than the world itself, is now mine.

It is time to feel it so deep, that with my hands I can grab it

Thus giving it to you, a burden, like any other.

It is a treasure greater than words could ever describe it

It is a truth kept hidden, but which is known to all

It is the answer of any obstacle, with it, even death can die alone

It is love, my dearest…love.

Use it not as a weapon, for it will turn back its edge

But try keeping it hidden until it fills you

Until it corrupts the very essence of your soul.

Let it wipe out any pain,

Make it listen to your heart.

Combine them as one, and then, thirst for more

Or simply let it loose and just love.

marți, 15 decembrie 2009

Iar scriu in romana:P

E tarziu,urmeaza sa fumez o tigara iar o migrena ma apasa.In fine,nu acestea sunt vorbele ce le vreau notate pentru a marca aceasta zi,ci prefer o poezie:

Ce-mi e frig si ce-mi e cald,
Ce-mi e viata cand in a ta ma scald?
Cu ce usurinta poti pleca,
Si ce greu iti este,a te apleca.

Te uiti cum ninge si ingheti cu mine,
O aura tremura in vazduh...ea vine!
Mintea-mi obosita,pe o panza aurie,toate amintirile le tine,
Le caut si le vad pe toate,dar toate-s putine,trecutul nu mai vine!

Pufuletii albi ai naturii+Cineva ce merita:">

sâmbătă, 12 decembrie 2009

It just makes me wonder,
From time to time,
How is it that love can strike like thunder,
And how free it feels to say:"you are mine"!

Incredible,it trully is this way of feeling...
Why do people forsaken this stage then?
Breaking love is like destroying your own ceeiling,
It like asking "where" without asking "when"?

What then will remain of a soul,
When all it has wanted has been torn?
What is left worth living then if not this,
Why wait when there is nothing to miss?

I believe you trully made the difference
Between the good and evil in my world,
Wipping away all of my ignorance,
With your words,that you've told.


vineri, 11 decembrie 2009

The way music shows us what we feel

Sometimes, I feel the fear of uncertainty stinging clear
And I can't help but ask myself how much I let the fear
Take the wheel and steer
It's driven me before
And it seems to have a vague, haunting mass appeal
But lately I'm beginning to find that I
Should be the one behind the wheel

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
With open arms and open eyes yeah

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
I'll be there

So if I decide to waiver my chance to be one of the hive
Will I choose water over wine and hold my own and drive?
It's driven me before
And it seems to be the way that everyone else gets around
But lately I'm beginning to find that
When I drive myself my light is found

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
With open arms and open eyes yeah

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
I'll be there

Would you choose water over wine
Hold the wheel and drive

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
With open arms and open eyes yeah

Whatever tomorrow brings, I'll be there
I'll be there.

I miss my childhood,
I miss last summer,
I miss the sea,
And with it,all the tears i left on the sand.

joi, 10 decembrie 2009

Mirage of the sunset

In the howlin' wind
Comes a stingin' rain
See it drivin' nails
Into the souls on the tree of pain.

From the firefly
A red orange glow
See the face of fear
Runnin' scared in the valley below.

Bullet the blue sky
Bullet the blue.

In the locust wind
Comes a rattle and hum.
Jacob wrestled the angel
And the angel was overcome.

You plant a demon seed
You raise a flower of fire.
We see them burnin' crosses
See the flames, higher and higher.

Suit and tie comes up to me
His face red like a rose on a thorn bush
Like all the colours of a royal flush
And he's peelin' off those dollar bills
One hundred, two hundred.

See across the field
See the sky ripped open
See the rain comin' through the gapin' wound
Howlin' the women and children
Who run into the arms,
Of forgetfulness.

Sepultura-Refuse resist

Don't you just hate it when people pretend,
And don't we all wish for a friend.

Deserted world

This life is growing shorter,
And all that mortals do is scream and fight.
Hatred reaches the border,
We are doomed to surrender and die at night.

Lovely as it is,to just stop and breathe,
All others seem to run and flee,
Forgetting what they want and need,
Loosing their passion,they fall and knee.

Yet how could I ever repay faith?
How could I be gratefull for the gift of gods?
Is it me or do the stars shine brighter,
Is it Apollo,or can I trully feel the sun in winter's cold?

Like sugar and spice,
Like sushi with rice,
Like cheese to mice,
I think of you as being more than nice.

luni, 7 decembrie 2009

An angel's tear

It seems I can not remain on Earth for too long,
For I have shred the skyes with tears,
And inside,they have awaken...
My fears!

I have been sent to protect those that are in love,
Sent by those beings way above,
To give and to serve,
From the very deeps of my nerve.

Once an angel,now alone,
My heart alive,now covered in stone.
I am just a ghost,
The one that loved the most.

My message to you,sibling of humans,
Is follow your wife silently as time passes,
And heed not,the words of the masses,
Just give in your emotion,let your spirit be free,

Chop Suey

To die or not to die? (for another)

Today,was a day unlike any day.
It seems that Faith wished to remind me,
Of what is close and how should I feel,
Melting my heart,once made of metal and steel.

I realize that we are all born,
With a sun and a shadow on our back.
Faith gives us the liberty of choosing,
Which ever we want to use and torn.

I do not know whether you,dear reader,
Understand the meaning of obsession or adoration.
If you can tell the difference between these two,
Then tell me which is how and who is who.

I am that mad of this feeling so new,
That i would kill for you.
(My dear)

Helloween-If i could fly

sâmbătă, 5 decembrie 2009

The beggining(part 2)

I have seen a lot in these 18 years of life.
Also I have felt and loved alike.
Yet never has my body felt such a sun,
Feel it close,making the heart burn.

I'm sick of talking and lies,
Sick of all the people I dispies.
Too few wish to enter maturity,
And even fewer know the limits of absurdity.

I ask of you,
Dear reader,
Do you trully know me well,
Or think that I conquer using the same spell?

Do you hate me out of emotion,
Or fear of my devotion?


I have thought and rethought all that has past,
I find and curse all of my mistakes,
"We should cherish our mistakes,
Because of them we are what we are now."
(someone recently told me with kindness.)

"I am glad to have ever met you and...
If it were after me,
I'd never want to go home."
(the same person told me)

What I have learned from life,
In 18 years and a half,
Is that love comes and goes,
And that some like giving names to their toes.

Go figure:P

Soko-Take my heart

marți, 1 decembrie 2009

The begging(part 1)

Well...time changes.
Time changed the shape of the Earth a couple of times,
It made the monkey be a man,
It made dollars and euros grow high or stand,
And now it's attention falls upon two souls.

Will time rip them into bits and pieces,
Or will they chose to oppose,to refuse,to rezist
The passage between day and night?
Whatever choice they make,
They were cursed at first sight,never to be fake.

This is trully the beggining of a new Era.
Miracles and unseen wonders are bound to appear,
Oracles are held shut,for the future,not even they can hear.
I bring faith inside,and a light filled with hope,
With your essence...I hold on to OUR rope.

The fray- You found me

A voice in my head,
The voice that thinks he's bread,
Always tells me that time will come,
When all shall be revealed,and she shall be the one!

duminică, 29 noiembrie 2009

A hidden message...

When love comes to plunge into disaster,

At least one should try diging faster.

A lover's prayer

Make me God the slave of another,
One who shall time to bother,
Otherwise,insolent should i remain,
I beg of you please,MAKE ME ONCE MORE INSANE.

I wish not the love of a mother,
Nor do I wish the friendship of a brother.
I wish only to return that which i receive,
Grant me this and i swear never to deceive.

Months can pass without a shread of light,
Years can fly without a bit of food,
For who could use either one of them,
When one could have her,thus having all.

I feel no pain except the one of separation,
Seeking not a feeling in this world but of adoration.
Once more i call for the gods
To bring judgement and even the odds.

"I kneel before you mighty keepers of life,
And in the left I hold my weapon,a knife.
I claim nothing to belonging to me,
As i have no right upon thee.
Yet heed my words,as i have chosen them wisely:
I offer both body and soul to my master,
On the condition that you morph my love into disaster,
For I can never let my thoughts abandon her,
She is that great,that she is beoming,slowly...my master."

Part of a dream

Let me bite from the cold and STAY,
As everything tunrns from night to day.
Let us enjoy our flower,born,TODAY!"

"Is this sight from a dream?
What more could I say to imbue her words?
Is her body real or do my eyes tire,?
Please...I feel my heart wanting to call you SIRE.

If i were to have just one desire,
I'd wish we would join in fire.
I can not help smiling at her every step,
As i can not stop kissing every piece of her neck.

What is it that i could offer her,
To come and never want to leave?
Ashamed should be the ones taht are alone,
For a heart twists in delight,
At the thought of this night."

The two lovers heald each other so tight,
Their perfume of passion spreading in the night,
That never had their hearts witnessed such a tragedy,
When the buss separated the two in agony.

They parted forgetting their final kiss.

She...was growing in the ground,
He...was growing forever fond.

vineri, 27 noiembrie 2009

Once more living

How is it like to wake up from a dream,
In a powder of dust and steam?
What can you offer more than what you hold deep,
Would you be willing to unlock the treasure that you keep?

It's been so long since i could need,
The warmth of another with greed.
Is it true that you can see,
And if so, would you jump off your tree?

Is it true that lovers forget everything in time?
Is it true that you remember everything with a drop of wine?
Am i more than just a mortal,
Can you see through what is behind the portal?

Cold,I felt you warm my hand,
Hot,my body was turning to sand.
If I had any regret from top to bottom,
Maybe one,when i blossomed.

Will humanity make another step and evolve,
And will our past go away and just dissolve?
If so,will you sacrifice your blood,
And turn to gold all memories covered in mud?

If I promised you redemption,
And if with it,I would join in with faith,
If I would haunt your dreams as if a wraith,
Would you forever hold me in detention?

miercuri, 25 noiembrie 2009

At a angle's mercy!

Break the clock,and let time stop,
Make life come and spirits return,
Speak wisely for the earth is lacking air,
I am here but...are you there?

Look through my eyes and turn into a statue,
Let thy body crumble as my view crushes thy bone.

In front of a statue i cry,my heart turning to stone,
Near you,as a statue,i finally feel like home.

Leave none to pass,but a drop of sand from the hourglass,
Remember my face thus let me pass,
As if we were king and queen alike,
Please...my angel...make me once more...

marți, 24 noiembrie 2009

Let it be known,that now,i leave my weapons behind.I might have finally found a worthy opponent drenched in ancient magic.I shall abandon all my tricks,and let my shield pound the ground as it falls.It is cold,and yet i can fear the warmth of my fear breathing through the air.This feeling of fear is only one of the many memories of my former battles,and thus,i say to myself: " I have battled demons once before,yet never one as mighty as this.With hair as red as the flames from the dephs of hell,with eyes imbued with mystical stars,now long since dead.It is terrifying,the thought of merelly daring to touch and attack such a creature.Pure and sacred,it is beyond imagination.Alas,i reach for my sword,yet i let all my riddles and rimes,weapons mastered through time,fall alone in the desert that separates my realities.I am alone and still i feel not this feeling for i see my death as my very own salvation.

luni, 23 noiembrie 2009

A mage's confesion

I have betrayed my brethren once,
I shall not DO so again.
I have failed humanity once,
I shall not LET it fall again.
I have suffered in joy and grief alike,
I shall not FEEL again.
I have awaken on every piece of this world,
I shall not SLEEP again.
I have loved all and nothing over the years,
I shall not GIVE again.
I have done all of these,
Why then am I still ALIVE?
Mearly a shadow of the past,
Living in the present
Yet searching for the future.
How much must I LIVE?
When all is at stake and I just sit.
The world changes and moves in a continuing circle
But with it,all living and dead things change,

vineri, 20 noiembrie 2009

“She doesn't think right.”

Maybe she doesn't but she can feel the light,
She can feel it shine and become bright,
From the bottom to it's hight,
Come and bow before her might!

What is a dress without a brain,
And why isn't there a fire in the rain?
What can one do to become undone?
(That is the mystery for some)

-Guytar Guy- \m/


What's your name?

What can be more etheral than heaven?
Is it the ash burnt from gods,
Is it the tears of The Seven,
I might know the answer,but...what are the odds?

In search for purity we pursue the haunted,
We reach for them as if strange shapes made of dreams,
In a place where the sky lies clouded,
Do i really know the name or so it seems?

Alas,night falls upon wishes and lust,
The fantom reaches for my heart,
"With the gods watching upon me,
Now,in front of them,i wish to turn insane,
If not to touch and gather thy body,
But before i go,say it once more...Your name."


Birzanu Alexandru

miercuri, 18 noiembrie 2009




ill NINO -Every day

How i wonder what is time,
How it flows and how it works.
How i wonder what is mine,
How i'd love to ride my horse.

When choosing between good and bad,
It never seems clear,what was right and what is wrong,
What to chose from what we had,
To fight even when we lack the courage,when the fear is strong.

Safe,on a beach,
I look upon my lovely witch,
One that uses charms,
Calling the shards of stars to her need.

Can someone stop my timer
And let this watch be put to rest?
Can someone bring my something back,
And take us through the test?


We are too late...
After asking questions for 2000 years,
We are lost...for a while.
The time has come,
When we have to pay.
Once we were apes...now,
True man is more ape than ever before,
To remain faithfull to the earth,
To the one that gave us birth.

vineri, 13 noiembrie 2009

Ai ras astazi
Cu si fara mine.
Lacrimile au incetat,
Doamne,parca as fi beat.

Sunt intr-o alta lume sau sunt martor la un miracol?
Ciudat,parca as fi la un spectacol,
Doar ca il vreau fara sfarsit,
Si chiar mai mult,vreau sa joc in el.

Cineva pe lume are nevoie de mine

Dragostea mea dacă ai nevoie de mine

O dragostea mea dacă ai nevoie de mine

Gîndeşte-te la mine

In spaţiul cel mai umilit

Te-am sărutat eu mortul

Fiecare să-şi ascundă bine îngerul

In buzunar

Ca la bîlci ca la cinematograful mut

Poate zborul va ţîşni printre zdrenţe şi urechi

Eh ce să-i faci vom fi un biet simbol

Si unghiul dintre toate imposibil

Te-am sărutat eu mortul

marți, 10 noiembrie 2009

I have ripped my heart to hold my soul
I have burned your eye to be your guide
Like two falling stars we are precipitating to our end;
It is not the absence of light that is stopping its growth
I have cut the sky in half to see if it knows what it is like to bleed;
There is a part of you that nobody will understand
There is a part of you that nobody will accept;
And that part is the only thing that makes you unique
You gave all your petals to the worl...

Sirenia-Path to decay

luni, 9 noiembrie 2009

Jumatatea mea

"Reiau acum povestea aia veche cu sufletul pereche

Se zice ca fiecare are undeva, undeva in lumea asta,
Jumatatea sa.
Eu, deocamdata, imi impart singuratatea-n doua:
Iau eu jumatate si jumatate imi las mie.
Ce bine o sa-mi fie, deocamdata.
Da' stiu c-odata si-odata trebuie sa te gasesc.
Recunosc, n-am puterea sa te recunosc.
Jumatatea mea, cantecul asta-i pentru tine,
Asculta-l bine si cauta-ma tu...

Cand voi veni, inseamna ca m-ai chemat
Cand te voi auzi, inseamna ca m-ai strigat,
Cand voi fi, inseamna ca m-ai dorit,
Cand te voi gasi, inseamna ca m-ai cautat.
Cauta-ma tu ...

Si daca e asa si cred ca e asa
Inseamna ca pan' acum, jumatatea mea,
Am trait pe jumatate, am visat pe jumatate
Si am pierdut o jumatate din viata fara sa-mi dau seama.
Crezi ca-i simpla drama, gandeste-te,
In definitiv e si a ta.
Recunosc, n-am puterea sa te recunosc.
Jumatatea mea, cantecul asta-i pentru tine,
Asculta-l bine si cauta-ma tu.

Nu prea merg pe la prieteni vechi Sa-ntreb ce sa fac.
Stiu ca nu pot sa imi spuna nimic
Si atunci astept sa vina totul de la tïne."

The way my demons fight

Where is her dinner?
Where are the flowers she can press?
When will she leave here?
Been here for hours and no less
Please leave me here in the empty world

Where is my mother?
Will she be there when I am gone?
Fetal in turmoil
I can't afford another run
Needle and tinfoil
I never thought that I'd be done

Please leave me here in the empty world
Fall in love with the empty girl
If I go outside I'll feel much better
Let me hit myself I'm starting to feel

And bleed

Where is my brother?
Where is my father?

Please leave me here in the empty world
Fall in love with the empty girl!

vineri, 6 noiembrie 2009

Can love be true between me and you?
Could it burst open to show something that is new?
Could your lips stay,while covered by mine?
Would it last a moment or be sacred in time?

I live in a life where nothing stays the same,
For being human is a guild,no one is to blame.
As a human,I crave for what i can not have,
A thought so cruel,it merely drives me mad.

Yet who am i to be ashamed,
To complain that things are not the same?
Why should i be covered in guilt,
As my bretheren stay,when they should all just walk away?


luni, 2 noiembrie 2009

I can touch and I can kiss,
I can want but it's more that I miss.
I need to feel,need to see,
Want to be on top of life' tree.

I Crush and brush all that i disagree with,
I seem right,I forge your heart as if a smith,
The way the metal burns,thus shall thy soul burn.

As if a tear,
That was once a star,
A cloud,
Part sky,part earth.

Sick and tired most humans look alike,
Yet they get used to sadness,forgeting delight,
Enduring horrors and pains,much too complicated.

Give love,
Stop the hattred,
I try to remind me of myself,
Instead i reach for another...for help.

I am strong even as a fool,
I am in love even if it's not fully true,
I am human only on the outside,
I am you and I am more.

I am sick and I am done,
I am right and I am wrong,
I do not breath,yet,I LIVE,
I am a husband,sadly left without a wife.
(But it shall not be so,my entire life)

Kings of Leon-Use somebody

miercuri, 28 octombrie 2009


Si credeai ca daca nu te lasa dupa sex,ca te iubeste...

marți, 27 octombrie 2009

A broken soul's tale

I have been murdered on the cap of treason
Yet i have died simple,it seems,with no reason.
I lie deep,as how i have entered,
I was not done,until i became undone.

Time removes one's need to remember,
And at the same time it wants us to surrender.
Like little pupets we are obliged to give in,
To rot,to crumble,as time cleanses us from within.

Dead,you get the chance to see all of your tries,
As spirits,we see with a black golden pair of eyes,
Which show us why this world is such a mess,
And that now,pure,we can put away our dress.

I see now the eyes that put away the candle,
Was there ever something true,i could not have handled?

A spark like a diamond begins to burn,
The brute inside chooses to turn.
I die as a child,aalthough i am not born,
Releasing a song,blown by natures horn.

The church is empty but of a light,
That burns silently,on it's knees,on the right,
It is drenched in passion,thus burning so bright,
As if a torch that banishes the night.

As a final test I must jump from the deepest height,
And fall heavily,disapearing from sight,
Until I crash and feel the end,
With the body broken,the soul,can finally bend.


duminică, 11 octombrie 2009

Home?Where's home?

In a place where feelings turn and change,
Where time comes and goes as it pleases,
When love was a notion with no boundaries,
That was once HOME.

Enough have i laughed
And too much have i lived.
Enough seems never enough,
But now,it shapes my red cristal.

What is it that makes us complete?
What's up with the clock,that makes it tick?
Why is the heart so hard,so thick,
Why am i dying,continously growing sick.

Mighty is the hamer that shapes the sword,
As mighty as the weapon of men,like ice,the word.
Yet nothing hurts through flesh or bone,
Then the strong words she has thrown.

Enjoy my riddles and rimes,
Forget the passing of all the many times,
Remember what was NOW,
But before you go,let me have my final BOW.

Will I wash away, turning like a stone?
I need a place where I belong,
Call a setting sun, to throw me down a rope
And take me to a place called home.
I close my eyes, I know you're there, love of mine
Standing on the shore in a world I design.
The sunset fires a lonely flare into the sky
And all at sea we say good


vineri, 9 octombrie 2009

Time passes

When infinit becomes minimum

And nothing seems real,

Then times are changing,

And the blind are begging.

Feed from the juice that fills the roots of trees,

And enter into its nothingness .

Release the maze that struggles within,

And find thy wayto a better place.




joi, 1 octombrie 2009

A soul from two

What was once two,now,is one,
Glued toghether,never to come undone.
From the two,one can not live without the other,
Like taking a child away from it's rightful mother.

It's hard to fight alone
It's cold inside,even to the bone,
Alone,on the frozen throne,
A new hope is born.

Is it a wish or a star?
Is it both or just a dream,
Glowing in my mind with a strange beam,
Drowning all as it may seem.

I love a women,who knows how to love back,
To remember me and all of my mistakes to keep track,
Too bad a heart can not be hacked,
Alast,it can still be trapped.


duminică, 27 septembrie 2009

An angel

And yet,after all the trouble and pain
After all that we feared... she is here.
As the morning's air turns all so fresh
So is she here,in flesh.

Purest of all the stars,
Nothing could stop her,she has no bars,
Conqueress of the world,
She is here.

If once my lips would have spoken with despair,
Now,they turn silent,as angels kiss clear,
Invited to become once more a god,imortal,
Her wings show now...only heaven's light.

His love is now defended,
Her magic is enhanced,
Beseeching one another,
A mortal and his mistress.

luni, 14 septembrie 2009

Torn paper

Just a copy,like before...I'm done this time,it's too much...too much...even for me.
No more scrap book,now i end my seach for a while...
Until...I am healed...
I wished it all and that wish was you...

Im alone
Cant wait until I feel your rain
So unreal
Cant find another place of your rain
I believe
I still believe in your warm rain
Im alone
Cant sleep until I feel your rain

How can I find
Love, faith and trust inside of your rain
So unreal, cant find another place of your rain
I believe
I still believe in your warm rain
So untrue
Help me to find through your warm rain

I send out my wishes
You gave me promises
Why dont you feel the same
(Im sad, I feel like a little child,
Somebody left, there is no rain)

Oh no, Im waiting
How about your rain?
I cant believe
I still believe in your rain
Like in heaven
I cant wait until I feel your rain
So wheres your life
Whos living the rest of your life

I cant, I cant,
I cant live this life, I cant live this life
I cant see in your eyes
Cant change it, no more tries
Leave everyone with a smile
And youre sad, you feel like a little child
Somebodys left there is no rain

I send out my wishes ...


sâmbătă, 12 septembrie 2009

A shaman's tale

Earth,Wind and Fire heed my call,
Break loose and drench this foul world in blood.
Leave none but one begging on its feet,
Begging for its end,begging for defeat.

My soul lies wounded,
The ground is flooding,
My blood,spilling,
My heart deserted of any feeling.

Let the ground receive my body,
And the wind skatter my tears.
Let my horrors and dreams be put to rest,
For i have failed during my test.

Amongst my tribe members,it was i the one, the best,
And yet again it is still i who wishes the second to rest.
I call on you,my friends,to seek vengeance on my behalf,
And strike my pain as lightining strikes the plain.

Feast on my remains,as i ofer myself willingly,
Yet keep shut the doors that open my heart.
Shall i flow into the river of forgivness,
And leave behind my memories that haunt me these days.

I am done yet incomplete in this life,
I have lost the battle for my wife,
Heed me now or else i shall give into to my knife...

When you shall find out who you are and what you want,
When you shall choose between a friendship and a lover,
Then shall we speak and also then shall we meet,
And i pray to the gods that you heed yourself and needs.

Be wise and let none take away your happines.

Ill nino with you

joi, 10 septembrie 2009

I can do it!

As the young mage went through the desert and the storm sealed his path,he stopped and cast the most powerful spell ever made:

I can touch you now and it will last forever,
I can heal heal the wounds,i can heal the pain,
I can make you scream,i can make you insane,
I can do it all,i will make love come again.

And so,as the storm swept past,he continued his way...until he met his final day.

vineri, 4 septembrie 2009

Good day

Una a fost si a fost sa fie chiar a 4 a zi de toamna.
24/24,exces de zel si supradoza de seara.

Nothing's wrong and nothing's bad
What we are and what we had,
Still the same,in black and blue,
You like me and I love you too.

marți, 1 septembrie 2009


Sincer,ca animal,nu am vazut in viata mea vreoun cameleon,in carne si oase dar...am simtit unul.
Da...a intrat,m-a patruns si m-a spulberat in adancuri.
Il iubesc totusi,din fericire si din durere.
Problema cu cameleonii astia este ca se camufleaza.
Uneori ii vezi,alteori dispar din vedere.
Ciudat lucru...Sa iubesti o vedenie.

Vedenie sau realitate,iubirea exista si nu se stinge o data cu disparitia cameleonului in vazduh,ci ii asteapta reaparitia.

Guano Apes- Living in a lie

duminică, 30 august 2009

Picioare obosite

Din nou ma doare,
Din nou ma macina,

Ceva ce demult a fost uitat si ingropat,
Acum,acel monstru,a reinviat!
Cum se poate uneori sa fugi in incercarea de a reusi,
De a indeplini un scop,iar soarta sa-ti rada in nas si sa te lege de pamant?

Am fost recent prin locuri minunate si nemaivazute,

Am simtit acel parfum diferit la care visam.
L-am mirosit,l-am gustat si m-am bucurat.
Toate la trecut caci acum nu mai sunt.


Uneori chiar doare tare,

Iar alteori obosesti.

In flames - Transparent

vineri, 28 august 2009


Deci...chiar VINE!

Nu aveam cum sa nu am inspiratie si cum oricum ma exprim in forma lirica mai bine decat in proza,ma gandesc si sper sa-i placa:

As i sit and I wait,
I am alone,I am like bait,
I can not stand this, I can not wait,
I wish to love in the arms of a soul mate.

Havok has breached a heart,
The agony in me is about to start,
Yet the thought of her keeps flooding my mind,
She shall be my GREATEST in time.

In flames - Trigger

miercuri, 26 august 2009

Apa sau suc?

E greu sa ai un pahar cu apa si un pahar cu suc langa tine la masa.
De obicei,dupa ce termini masa,se presupune ca iti este sete.
Ehh...uite aici intrebare,ce alegi?

Sa fie oare acel suc rece,acidulat,ce iti macina toate simturile,aruncandu-te pentru o fractiune de secunda intr-o stare totala de euforie?
Sau alegi apa,buna,sanatoasa dar fara pic de savoare,gust,culoare,dar care te mentine in viata.

Azi am fost pus in fata deciziei si ma rog sa nu termin prea repede de mancat.

Tori Amos-Precios Things