duminică, 29 noiembrie 2009

Part of a dream

Let me bite from the cold and STAY,
As everything tunrns from night to day.
Let us enjoy our flower,born,TODAY!"

"Is this sight from a dream?
What more could I say to imbue her words?
Is her body real or do my eyes tire,?
Please...I feel my heart wanting to call you SIRE.

If i were to have just one desire,
I'd wish we would join in fire.
I can not help smiling at her every step,
As i can not stop kissing every piece of her neck.

What is it that i could offer her,
To come and never want to leave?
Ashamed should be the ones taht are alone,
For a heart twists in delight,
At the thought of this night."

The two lovers heald each other so tight,
Their perfume of passion spreading in the night,
That never had their hearts witnessed such a tragedy,
When the buss separated the two in agony.

They parted forgetting their final kiss.

She...was growing in the ground,
He...was growing forever fond.

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