luni, 2 noiembrie 2009

I can touch and I can kiss,
I can want but it's more that I miss.
I need to feel,need to see,
Want to be on top of life' tree.

I Crush and brush all that i disagree with,
I seem right,I forge your heart as if a smith,
The way the metal burns,thus shall thy soul burn.

As if a tear,
That was once a star,
A cloud,
Part sky,part earth.

Sick and tired most humans look alike,
Yet they get used to sadness,forgeting delight,
Enduring horrors and pains,much too complicated.

Give love,
Stop the hattred,
I try to remind me of myself,
Instead i reach for another...for help.

I am strong even as a fool,
I am in love even if it's not fully true,
I am human only on the outside,
I am you and I am more.

I am sick and I am done,
I am right and I am wrong,
I do not breath,yet,I LIVE,
I am a husband,sadly left without a wife.
(But it shall not be so,my entire life)

Kings of Leon-Use somebody

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