duminică, 29 noiembrie 2009

A lover's prayer

Make me God the slave of another,
One who shall time to bother,
Otherwise,insolent should i remain,
I beg of you please,MAKE ME ONCE MORE INSANE.

I wish not the love of a mother,
Nor do I wish the friendship of a brother.
I wish only to return that which i receive,
Grant me this and i swear never to deceive.

Months can pass without a shread of light,
Years can fly without a bit of food,
For who could use either one of them,
When one could have her,thus having all.

I feel no pain except the one of separation,
Seeking not a feeling in this world but of adoration.
Once more i call for the gods
To bring judgement and even the odds.

"I kneel before you mighty keepers of life,
And in the left I hold my weapon,a knife.
I claim nothing to belonging to me,
As i have no right upon thee.
Yet heed my words,as i have chosen them wisely:
I offer both body and soul to my master,
On the condition that you morph my love into disaster,
For I can never let my thoughts abandon her,
She is that great,that she is beoming,slowly...my master."

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