marți, 1 decembrie 2009

The begging(part 1)

Well...time changes.
Time changed the shape of the Earth a couple of times,
It made the monkey be a man,
It made dollars and euros grow high or stand,
And now it's attention falls upon two souls.

Will time rip them into bits and pieces,
Or will they chose to oppose,to refuse,to rezist
The passage between day and night?
Whatever choice they make,
They were cursed at first sight,never to be fake.

This is trully the beggining of a new Era.
Miracles and unseen wonders are bound to appear,
Oracles are held shut,for the future,not even they can hear.
I bring faith inside,and a light filled with hope,
With your essence...I hold on to OUR rope.

The fray- You found me

A voice in my head,
The voice that thinks he's bread,
Always tells me that time will come,
When all shall be revealed,and she shall be the one!

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