luni, 21 decembrie 2009

One step above heaven!

Unbelievable is believeble!
What was once imaginary,now is reality.
Even in my wildest dream,i have never dreamt,
Something so pure,so profound, her!

I am dazed,and thus astonished,
I am lost in this majestic maze.
It hurts to be apart,
But I laugh from the bottom of my heart.

Angels exist,and they trully bring light.
Dashed by this gift,it is the gift of the gods,
It is passion burning like fire consuming winter's cold,
It is my hope,it is her i save from the rain.

An answer to a question i have found,
"What is death before my sight?".
The answer is as simple as joke:
"It is only a mirrage to my soul!"

Alas,i have but one more thing to say,
That a mirracle happend today,
For this reason i have reached imortallity above,
For i have found a soul i can trully call: " My love!"

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