duminică, 27 decembrie 2009

A new soul!

A new Messiah has taken birth upon this world,
One stronger as ever,desired for the horde,
A new Era of serenity on which to choose,
Peace in the dephs of a truce!

But yet a long time ago,
The creation of this demi-god was fortold,
Once said by those that were bold,
Now,it is true,a moment to behold!

Born by the love of a godess and a mortal being,
It has risen a site worth seeing.
Inheriting bits and pieces of them both,
No flaws,an emergence of qualities.

Her eyes,her hair,her dreams,
His judgement,his stature,his ego,
Her smell,her desires,her love,
His calm,his weight,his desires.

Behold our savior!
May his reign last for eternity,
And let the gods favore him the most.
Let us hope it shall succeed in where all have failed,
That it will be able to banish our demons to hell,
To consume the pain and control the fire,
Born within the rain and earth alike,
I proclaim you as being humanity's right!

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