sâmbătă, 2 ianuarie 2010

My first three words...

Yet another year has past,
And people have changed their other mask.
Some of my dreams came true while others turned to dust,
But it is the sound of my heart i listen,the one i must.

As hours keep passing and seconds end clicking,
So did our eyes meet in the convulsion of society,
Like a pair of shoes,or a thought of what i'm thinking.
It's you and me,the picture i want to see.

So i turned my lips upon thy own,
Wishing the sky to be ours,thus being brown,
And as i ceased at our kiss,
It was you that i had missed.

A miracle is in my arms when we meet,
And a miracle is when we kiss,as my fears you seem to beat,
As a body lying near,it lies filled with heat,
So i came to realize the being i cherrished most.

I said to you,and i shall never forget,
Until the clock rang 12 i came to accept,
That it is you I trully want,to be my new,
Thus it sounded,rather harsh:" I love you!"

*And it is you i trully want*

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