joi, 14 ianuarie 2010

Beyond divinity...

Stunned and ashamed,with nothing to blame,
For what we are and who has came,
Barely amused but somewhat abused,
By a picture that was born,within the child that lies torn.

Above and beyond,circles of infinity,
Emptyness lies,a game made by divinity.
No rules nor boundaries,it is for free,
But i wonder: "what could it be?"

This house lies in ruin,it is...encumbered,
By decades and endless numbers that uncover,
All that was shameful at another,
Time won't even bother.

What is a woman without a man,
Like a child without the right hand,
And what do strangers mean to most,
Except the ones to share the toast.

From what is pure and sacred to all the lands,
I wondered what is there that mortals worship the most.
Except the thieves and pirates,and all the pitiful gangs,
It was in those with honor that I could see my dying ghost.

A pirate might show grief and selfishness,
Yet by showing them sincere,his heart is pured,
Unlike those that chose to hide that which they feel,
Their souls are cursed to never heal.

I feel one and all alike,and see those that are infected,
Forgiving those that chose a lifetime of being naked,
And denying others the chance to seek my council,
For my words are true,and they are bound to you!

Acum nu e iarna ci doar un amurg,
Acum nu ninge,doar lacrimile curg,
Acum e rosu,culoarea dulce a cerului,
Sarut dulce,o nota a violoncelului!

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