sâmbătă, 5 decembrie 2009

The beggining(part 2)

I have seen a lot in these 18 years of life.
Also I have felt and loved alike.
Yet never has my body felt such a sun,
Feel it close,making the heart burn.

I'm sick of talking and lies,
Sick of all the people I dispies.
Too few wish to enter maturity,
And even fewer know the limits of absurdity.

I ask of you,
Dear reader,
Do you trully know me well,
Or think that I conquer using the same spell?

Do you hate me out of emotion,
Or fear of my devotion?


I have thought and rethought all that has past,
I find and curse all of my mistakes,
"We should cherish our mistakes,
Because of them we are what we are now."
(someone recently told me with kindness.)

"I am glad to have ever met you and...
If it were after me,
I'd never want to go home."
(the same person told me)

What I have learned from life,
In 18 years and a half,
Is that love comes and goes,
And that some like giving names to their toes.

Go figure:P

Soko-Take my heart

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