sâmbătă, 19 decembrie 2009

Life Offered Very Easy

Life is puny and it is cruel

It may seem small but it’s filled with fuel

Always provoking a duel

Making something great, resemble to a mule.

But if it is as evil and filled with hatred as words would say

Then no word could tell you what inside it lies.

Because inside is what matters!

Behind the masks and the words,

Inside and within the ink these words were written,

Lies something beautiful, astonishing some would say.

No one who has ever seen or felt the truth can ever return to its former state

For the soul grows desperate for more.

But what could it be, so good and nice

Filled with honey, but still just as ice

Like cheese it gathers us like mice

Changing our lives with a throw of a dice.

Is it fortune, which grieves the souls of men?

Is it truth, searched by the wise but found by few?

Or is it immortality, the final obstacle in life?

Well my beloved wife, I shall share with you my burden

The secret that’s been hidden within my body.

The hollow, deeper than the world itself, is now mine.

It is time to feel it so deep, that with my hands I can grab it

Thus giving it to you, a burden, like any other.

It is a treasure greater than words could ever describe it

It is a truth kept hidden, but which is known to all

It is the answer of any obstacle, with it, even death can die alone

It is love, my dearest…love.

Use it not as a weapon, for it will turn back its edge

But try keeping it hidden until it fills you

Until it corrupts the very essence of your soul.

Let it wipe out any pain,

Make it listen to your heart.

Combine them as one, and then, thirst for more

Or simply let it loose and just love.

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