luni, 13 august 2012

The new beginning

[On a cliff way upon the Snowy Mountains, 
Near the Sea of a thousand fountains, 
There he stood sipping the storm, 
Feeling weak,in his human form. 

He watched as the storm was being uncovered, 
And yet covering the plain of water. 

He watched the steep peak clash with the fury of the waves, 
And although he could hear the bits of rock falling apart, 
The mountain kept its stand,rejecting the seas embrace. 

He stood as if struck by lighting when his hand was caught by another, 
A moment of patience and the warmth was spreading, 
And his eyes lit as thunder spread its shadow, 
And thus she spoke:   ]

Fear not dear for I shall bury you, 
Just as the ground burries those who are loved, 
Fear not for I shall be your one and another, 
Just feel my warmth and surrender your pain.

[As the final words were lost along the wind, 
A tear fell from the ancient dragon, now human, 
And as lightning struck again, 
The cloudes fled and the sun was once more]


I know what it is that you seek underneath,
Yet look for it closely deep down beneath.

Life :P
Florence+ The Machine - Breath Of Life

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