marți, 25 mai 2010

Majorat dragos!! PARTY PEOPLE!!

A poem to a friend

It is tonight that your stars shall unite,

And thus,tonight,shall they morph into a man.

It is your destiny to sing,to feel,to share,

All that you have ever felt,as of all you took good care.

Remember your ways and never give up your soul,

Because in love we are to it,and that is trully what makes you whole.

Never lose faith for you are right,

Never give up to what you wish to fight,

We stand by you with all our might.

Let this poem be yours my friend,

As with it comes the message we all wish to send,

Our wishes of good luck and health to you,

It is to this pianist I clap and wish luck to all that shall be new!

Happy Birthday,

Alexandru Birzanu

Parte din invitati(gen "La fumatori"):P

Si-a murit Dumitru...


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