marți, 2 noiembrie 2010

Will the wheel actually turn???!!!

It's about time I wrote something(preferably in to MarK:P).So here it goes:

On the floor with a bottle and a necklace,
It is in these coffins that I chose redemption,
That I withdrew,in the hope of rebirth,
In the hope...yet again.

Still,as hope is simply but a coin,
Tossed in the air,destined to choose a side,
So was my conviction,
No more,but a side.

It is now,the moment I wish to reveal,
To discover and displace,
To be bound to time and space,
To let the wounds so deep,finally a the chance to heal.

You might wonder whether it was faith,
Or maybe if it were luck,
That I choose today to be the day,
That i banished my ghosts,and chose to stay.

A memory in the dark,
Worthless if it holds no mark,
As from the dark we came,
And to the dark we shall return.

Mazzy Star-Fade into you

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