miercuri, 3 noiembrie 2010

How about now?

(terribly sorry,but i just can't help it...)

So much time has passed since the funeral...
I can still smell the flowers from her hair,that dangling perfume,and it is still that smile I regret loosing.Will the guilt ever end?I hope not,so at least I could still be left with my memories(cruel nevertheless yet still,memories).Why and why again,I wonder while awake at night,did it all turn out so bad,so harsh.I turn my head around for a second,and then i cover my face with a pillow.I know why...and still it is still me,who poses this question.

If I were to judge now,from the all the memories that I poses,what was the utmost "failed" person that I have ever met,then I would stand forward with dignity,for I know my wrongs and rights,and by balancing them,I can tell that my existence has caused so much hurt and pain,that no lover could ever forgive...It is in this matter I wish to present my newest creation,with dignity and shame alike:

I know what I did and ask that you believe,
That never have I destroyed,and in thoughts deceived,
As I did to you.

It is here,the resting place,of that that once was
And of what still remains,
The glass being filled with regrets.

Yet a regret is nothing without pain,
And as you have felt pain throughout those times,
My pain was bound to be forever since.

I hope I will have the chance to meet you one day,
And that you will grant me a moment to bow,
So that in that moment,I can finally release my curse,
And maybe see that smile I dream of every night.

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