luni, 15 noiembrie 2010

The pain that was once yours...

Yeah...pretty sad isn't it?:P(wrote this just to keep mark from spitting fire at all my sad writings...message:"SO WHAT IF THEIR SAD!!!!SCREW YOU,YOU PERVE=)))))) " ).

Back to more normal things now,shall we...:

Yes and yes again,
In a fool's paradise have I been wandering,
Century by century,
A plague on both her houses...

My beauty,my lovely beauty...
Age could not wither her,nor flourish her more,
And by the gods,do i not grow tiresome of this lousy guilt,
For what is a guilt without a sinner,and a sinner without its sin?

As pure as the driven snow,
Yet no...a bit too much for my understanding.
And even as good luck would have it,
It seems my fortune was misplaced.

For I must have cherished something else,
If not thy spirit and thy lips,
If not for a single second in the universe,
Would I give all away for just a moment.

Alas,I wish to satisfy my hounds,
As bound I lay to give the Devil my due,
Yet know that it all,from the begging,
Was meant to bring thy joy,and never sorrow,or such alike.

I have not slept one wink,waiting for her so ever bright star,
And if music be the food of love,then her music could indulge even angels,
In the twinkling of an eye one could tell of her tremendous heart,
And all the secrets and burdens it holds forever locked.

My once goddess,the milk of human kindness,
How I am pound of flesh for my betrayal,
How I wish to be at ease and live once more in peace,
Hear me...or do you wish that i shuffle off this mortal coil?

Bury me if that might loosen thy strain,
Drown me in all those tears that you once gave birth.
Or,worst still,promise to never forgive,
And let my ghost,make forever steps throughout the realm.

Once again,I just have to say,
That there is never night nor day,
When I wish to have swallowed my words,
And gave sense to our reality.

The fray-You found me
(The first song I heard from her...and I still miss...)

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