sâmbătă, 5 iunie 2010

Done and enough

Block my life and stop the watch,
Hold thy ground and keep shut,
Continuasly breathing ,in front lies sand,
Desires and dislikes,all in the same hand.

Not a presence not a bone,
Not a bird,not even a song.
At least one would be enough,
Yet it seems so hard to breath,so tough.

Done I lay and to one shall I never obey,
As a last gift,I am done in what I had to say,
Let beautiful gardens be surrounded by thunder,
As if a circle of rain banished by fire and plundered.

Shall things change through the passage of time
As nature claims it's right to the rebirth line?
Maybe or maybe not,who am I to judge,
The bullet that strikes,the one i chose to dodge?

I am what you all will be!
Done and finally complete in thoughts,
I have chosen from the many and the lots,
It has been done,at last.

Without I am nothing at all,
Yet I'd prefer to be that nothing something,
Then a mortal burnt in trust,
With feelings empty,except lust.

(I'll never replace the ones I first made!
Utterly direct,insert,face and remake,
Destroy,fake and embrace,
Collide,join,evil shall you face!)

36 crazyfists-destroy the map

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