luni, 28 februarie 2011

["People find the problems they think they have instead of not thinking and just looking."-Vic]

Here it comes...the first REAL post of 2011...Ready or not,this is what still remains:

Is there not another realm to which we can seek refuge,
To a something more real than reality,something bigger than huge,
To where the past is still prezent and the horros are unknown,
To where there is no king,nor crown,where all is a mystery and nothing is known.

What is it that we call "matter" when we rise from dust and to dust we all return,
As we are us only because we know our names after we are born,
Shattered right after by stories that are left untold,
Playing our cards with patience,even though in the end we fold.

I feel my misery covered by grief,
I feel my peace now stolen by my thief,
I conceive life as the race towards defeat,
To be honest,we barely are more than a piece of meat.

Panic Chanel - Listen

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