luni, 28 septembrie 2015

It goes without saying

Sometimes we welcome the devils in our minds,
Trapped and hungry, they linger for our purity,
When faced with them, we act as if blind,
We forget ourselves in the hunger, we act without maturity.

In it all, there's always something that is left behind,
Behind our curtains , behind the evil that lies within,
Behind it all there's always something in our mind,
That purity that lies beneath our skin.

You see, devils come and go,
But they won't ever stay.
They're afraid of the fray,
Their evil can never grow.


A1: " I....remember you as a distant memory of the past. What have you been up to lately?"

A2: " Here and there and everything in between.Nothing that you have never foretold."

A1: " You know... I've missed you and the angel that guarded our house."

A2: " Maybe, but I believe that angel's long since gone."


A1: " Could we ever bring it back?"


It's for me to say and for you to hold,
These words that I hold dearest to my soul.
I know there's a lot of pain inside,
But if given a chance, it can prove that it can all remain...behind.

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