marți, 31 mai 2016

Today was a crappy day

Today was a crappy day

Today was a bad day, kind of a bit more of the same as yesterday,
Yet each day holds a lesson on its own,and so at the end of May,
I think it'd only be fair and safe to say,
That fire appeared in this universe as well, and with it, Light
and Dark...

I swear that sometimes I can't tell if the reflection in the mirror is me,
At least I pose that question and seek myself out, make me open my eyes, to see,
Always remembering what I've done to get to where I am, of where I could be,
 I draw a line, I find the time, and I acknowledge myself,
Or at least, I try...

There's nothing worse than lying to the mirror, putting make up on it,
Then wait and correct our smallest of mistakes, before we sit.
We're not perfect, we were never meant to be,
But that's why we have our eyes, to see and to do,
To watch and never betray,
 the real YOU!


Stephen - Line it Up


Normally I'd write a poem but today I feel like sharing some knowledge I gained today:

"Remember, it is in adversity that we find the tools we need to build success. "

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