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Erather's Curse Finale (Prologue)

[The entrance lay unguarded but by vegetation,
Burnt,for the dragon was known to spare none and nothing.
A path of complete isolation awaited the last mage,
The end was anything but near...

I watched him of course,for mother had wanted me to do so,
And could see all the hate and fury that had been building inside of him.

As I followed him,undetected,as a shadow follows its master,
I could hear faint whispers from within the dark...
Yet no,he conjured a sphere of fire,
And the darkness was no more.

It was then that I had realized,
That the faint whispers were not from deep within,
Rather,he was talking,mustering himself.



Endless night,
Come forth and greet the light.


You robbed me of everything,
Stole the last bird that could sing,
Drowned me and then poured some more,
Until at last,you filled my heart with sore.

[Ohh dear,his eyes shine again with golden light]

Miserable and pathetic creature,I know you do not understand,
But it is this night,the moment for your kind to end.

[Oddly enough,the ground started shacking.

I was surprised obviously,since I had no recollection that father had such power.

Ohh dear,father is trying to find his balance,
Grasping and trying to hold tight to the cave's walls.

If it is not him the one causing this,then who...]


Is that so?


Now do tell me human,
How is it that you plan to kill that which is immortal?


Apparently the legends and rumors were true,
The mighty dragon was still drawing breath,
And it had lived here all along,
Deep within the Misty Mountains.

After hearing its voice,the mage came back to his sense.
He no longer stood shacking,trying to maintain balance.

Father was smiling.]


You see,you rotting,miserable, old worm.
If I no longer have reason to live,
Then I no longer care for my life,
And by not caring,
I refute the very idea of limits,
And because of THAT...

You will feel my pain,even if it kills us both.

[It was then that I witnessed why mother spoke so great of him.

I withdrew a couple of feet back,almost knowingly,
Although I was anything but prepared for what awaited.

He took a deep breath,eyes shinning even brighter than ever before,
And as the air exited his lungs and flowed amidst the cave's stench,
He quickly fell onto one knee,his fist tight,slamming the ground.

The air grew hot,
The ground blew up,
All the walls that had surrounded us,
Vanished behind the veil of scorching flames,
As if hell itself had brought them there.

All that lay remaining,
Were father and a dragon.]


Impressive,yet insufficient,
Although I must congratulate you for,
Shall we say finding your way through.
I was worried I might fall asleep until you got to me.

[Levitating and breathing heavily,
Both fists closed,shacking with rage,
The last mage seemed to have already decided...]


Insufficient you say?
By the gods I haven't even begun yet.

Wait until I'll rip through your scales,
And on your skin,I shall leaving soaring blood trails.

Wait until you gauge my wrath,
For I will so much fill this mountain with fire,
That you'd believe it had always been this way.


And what if you fail?



Still,you refused to see it.
You blind yourself with arrogange.


See what,mortal?


And so...will I.

[And with a smile on his face,
He charged towards the mighty dragon]


The end is not now!

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