luni, 21 iulie 2014

The choice parable

The choice parable

There's a meaning in all,
A meaning that even the blind can see,
Like the lone elephant crashing in the glass hall,
It's what life's about,it's the " that's how it's got to be".

Yet the choice is always upon us,
And what a burden it can be.
The narrator will always make you pick between the two doors,
As if they both are the same,as if it all,were merely a game.

I know all to well what it means to choose,
To follow one door and close the other,
And while life may win at it's very own game,
I can't but feel sorry for the unfairness.

As any choice in life,it's tale must be told,
With many more choices soon to follow,
Yet know now,you will always be remembered,
As the itch that everyone has,the "what if" that humanity builds upon.

I bid my forgotten a deep farewell,filled with sadness,
As no choice can ever be forgotten,
As can any be undone!

Celine Dion-Because you loved me


The reason for which the tale could never be completed,
Was only because Erather was always meant to die,
And since all good tales should end with a happy ending,
I pray that when that moment comes,that they at least died together.

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