joi, 19 septembrie 2013

Even more dreams

As promised,the evening's surprise arives with bitte steps.Hope you enjoy:

Even more dreams

I find myself amused of all the surprises offered by life,
Such that in a world covered by ignorance and strife,
There's still some left with their eyes keen and thoughts straight,
Such a pity that they can't sleep,as they lay awake and wait.

I find myself confused when faced with an equal,
As,even though,there's bound to be a sequel,
Could one be dreaming while being awake,
And if so,would this not be fatal as the poison of a snake?

I find myself dreaming,and all so many visions lay in front,
A vision of a lion sitting,still not sure if it must go to hunt.
Ahhh,majestic creature that guards my kingdom,can you hear,
It was those pigeons again,singing for you dear.

In the end,I find myself wanting with a fever for more,
It's an ever bloody battle,but heck,such a beautiful score.
It'd be wise to just pass away,at least until judgement day,
So that when you wake,you'd be there to stay.

Nalepa-Monday (The Glitch Mob Remix)

Move and you shall be moved,
Go on,continue to stare,cause that'll make me be there,
I stand my ground in lack of uncontested proof,
But when contested,I'd accept anything but a spoof.

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