marți, 17 mai 2011


["If God exists,then I pity the dying heroes that are lost of hope"-Vic]

Bla bla bla...

Enjoy:P :

Beneath it all,lies only waste

There's a place I can taste,
There's something nice that waits for the dice,
There's more if we go to war,
And yet beneath it all,there might be nothing.

Time has passed,and change was inevitable,
The dice are rolled.
"What should the lucky number be?" I wonder,
"Should be I praying for a two or a twelve?".

I could easily win as I could lose,
Yet,a moment is a muse,while the other is confuse.
Thus,the wait begins,
And what a wait it will be!.

I will not rearrange the world,
And nor will I bribe the referee.
I might make a difference,make it whirled,
If only you could see!

Moby-Whispering Wind

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