duminică, 8 mai 2011


[There are no addicts...only drugs]

As it's been a while,I'll just go ahead and write somethin'...

Hope you all enjoy :P

Wild like the heaviest clouds that swirl across the sky,
Filled with anger and remorse,so is the life of those that refuse to try,
Those that have refused to give heed to their souls call,
And it is because of their disobedience that they shall one day fall.

Birds fly because they want and because they can,
So why then won't you lend your hand?
Is it out of fear that you twist and cry,
Or do you simply think the worse,and never try...

There's no excuse and no straight path towards sin!
It's not as if you simply crossed roads while at the inn,
Found a fairy and rapped it of its beauty,
And claimed it all in the name of "duty.

In the end,I feel the fear that drenches the streets I stamp on every day;
And wonder whether it hurts you the same as it hurts me today;
I live my life and this will always be my way,
Yet will you simply be tossed as the other lay?

Worm and parcel with the lay,
Turn and serve the other way,
For that lady that chose silence,
A wonder simply begging for violence...

Massive Attack-Paradise Circus (Zeds Dead Remix)

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