miercuri, 11 mai 2011

Something in return

[Nearer and nearer...the thought of death always grows dearer and dearer]

"So you liked the last one?"

"Yeah...it was kinda deep when you analyzed it."

"What do you think the next should be about?"

"Try doing something as deep as the last one but this time,focus on the thought of death."

"Hmm...Will do!"

So this it :P

Hope you all enjoy (and if not...blame Mark;)) ):

Why won't you look at me
And why do you keep screaming at what you see?
Why won't you hug me in your arms,
And what's with all these alarms?

You're awfully quiet for someone that is in love,
And quite strange as you evade me by looking above.

I wish for you,can't you hear me,
And why are you begging to the ceiling to be free?

What do you plan to do with that knife...






Why on Earth would you do that?
Why is the body lying flat?

Ohh dear,what have we done?
We'd best just throw the gun and run!

You did it,but I was guilty for not stopping you,
As when I shouted,the wind blew.


Alas,at least now you're on the floor besides another body,
Looking straight into my eyes with the same cold expression.
We're finally joined,our hands together,near our favorite flower,
For I was already lying here...for over an hour.

Is there a choice or a chosen,
Is it ice or have you frozen?
At once it started pouring rain,
Yet you were covered,leaving only a strain.

(think it's like the 5th time but hey...who's countin')

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